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“Sometimes, shadows are the best places to hide the greatest strengths.”
    —Ring of Heroes Relationship Description

Dark is one of the two new elements that debuted in Skylanders: Trap Team. This element is associated with the colors of indigo, dark purple, and teal, the latter also frequently given metal texturing or effects.


The Light and Dark were elements that were even unknown to Master Eon himself. However both were cut off from Skylands when the Core of Light was destroyed, leaving the Skylanders of the Light and Dark elements stranded in their respective realms.[1] They would later return to Skylands when the immense explosion that destroyed Cloudcracker Prison broke open the very foundation of Skylands, officially revealing the presence of the two new elements.

Dark is perhaps the most sinister and dangerous element of all. As the name suggests, Skylanders aligned with this element are powered by the Darkness itself. Luckily, the heroes have been able to resist the Darkness' temptations and use their power for good.[2] Dark Skylanders, such as Blackout, know of their sinister origins, but show bravery, compassion and honor nonetheless.


Dark Skylanders use the power of the darkness and its mysteries to overpower their foes, and like their Light counterparts use powers relating to celestial bodies such as black holes. In toy form, they stand on pedestals of black smoke. In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, Dark is strong against Light, but weak to no element.

In Skylanders: Trap Team's turret challenges, Dark Skylanders have the ability Black Hole, which immediately destroys most enemies on the screen. In Kaos Doom Challenge, they can summon a dark orb atop a small elaborate pillar, which itself summons smaller orbs that home in on enemies.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Dark-aligned Portal Master Powers include a life-draining shadow aura and a damaging curse. Those are distributed in several conditions, and the names are as follows:

  • Shadowy Shell - Dark Skylanders get a life-draining shadow aura in a Dark Zone.
  • Shadowy Entrance - Dark Skylanders hit enemies with a damaging curse when summoned.
  • Cursed Strike - Dark Skylander attacks have a chance to hit enemies with a damaging curse.
  • Curse of Darkness - A chance for Dark Skylanders hit in a Dark Zone to strike back with a damaging curse.
  • Shadowy Desperation - Dark Skylanders get a life-draining shadow aura when their health is low.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Dark Imaginators can choose from four different abilities as their secondary attack:

Dark Elemental Imaginator Powers
The first two of these powers are unlocked at the start of the game, the other two are unlocked by leveling up your Imaginator.
Black Hole
Mastered Black Hole
Dark Mist
Mastered Dark Mist
Smoke and Shadows
Mastered Smoke and Shadows
Pools of Darkness
Mastered Pools of Darkness
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to create black holes that suck enemies in.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to create bigger black holes that suck enemies in and deal more damage.
View Base Power
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to turn into a dark mist. Hold Attack 2 to stay transformed longer.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to turn into a dark mist that leaves a trail of eerie darkness and does more damage.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 3
Press Attack 2 to enhance your attacks with smoke and shadows giving you a damage increase.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to enhance your attacks with smoke and shadows giving you a damage increase with an explosion of darkness at the end.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 5
Press Attack 2 to focus your dark energy on a specific location.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to focus your dark energy on a specific location, which will explode after some time.
View Base Power

The default color schemes for Dark Imaginators are known as Lunar Eclipse, Twilight Haze, Night Shadows, Clandestine Shade, Glum Murk, Azure Twilight and Blind Obsidian. Parts unlocked by dark Creation Crystals are from the Demon Set, including menacing horns, Thunder Tow's head, shiny red arms,a tattered cape and a horned headpiece.

Dark Elemental Characters


Core Skylander
Blackout Icon.png Blackout
Trap Master
Knight Mare Icon.png Knight Mare
Nightfall Icon.png Nightfall
Senseis Battle Class
Hood Sickle Icon.png Hood Sickle
Steel Plated Hood Sickle Icon.png Steel Plated Hood Sickle
Starcast Icon.png Starcast Ninja


Eye Scream Villain Icon.png Eye Scream
Fisticuffs Villain Icon.png Fisticuffs
Nightshade Villain Icon.png Nightshade
Tae Kwon Crow Villain Icon.png Tae Kwon Crow

Dark Elemental Items

Dark Traps.png Dark Traps
  • Dark Dagger (Sword)
  • Ghastly Grimace (Handstand)
  • Shadow Spider (Spider)
Dark Crystals.png Dark Creation Crystals
Vehicle Terrain
Sea Shadow symbol.png Sea Shadow
Dark Sea Shadow Icon.png Dark Sea Shadow
Instant Sea Shadow

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  • Despite their "Dark" title, the Dark Edition Skylanders and most of the Dark Edition Vehicles are not included in this element, as they are already associated with other Elements.
    • The only exception is Sea Shadow, which is the only Dark elemental entity to also have a Dark Edition counterpart.
    • In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, Dark Spyro, Dark King Pen and Dark Spitfire have switched from their original elements (Magic, Water and Fire, respectively) to the Dark element under the names of Shadow Spyro, Shadow King Pen and Shadow Spitfire.
      • When the game got revamped, Shadow Spitfire and Shadow King Pen were removed, Shadow King Pen was later readded in June 2021. Shadow Spitfire did not make it to the final game before the game's closure was announced.
  • This is currently the only element without any Legendary counterparts.
  • Light and Dark have the lowest number of Skylanders in the entire series, excluding the Kaos Element.
  • In SuperChargers, with the addition of Nightfall, this was the only element to have more female than male Skylanders.
    • However, in Imaginators, two male Skylanders were added, making the majority male, like in all other elements.
  • This is the only element to not have a Spell Punk.
  • In the main console games, all the Dark Skylanders have blank eyes with no irises or pupils. Most of them are white, with the exception of Hood Sickle.
  • This, Fire and Water are the only elements whose Villain Senseis were originally from other elements. (In this element, Hood Sickle, originally an Undead Villain.)
  • The Dark element (under it's prototype name Shadow) can be seen in the concepts of Spyro's Kingdom.[3] Oddly, none of its Skylanders at the time made it to the final series in any shape, but the Shadow area appears to include the pitch for a very early Arkeyan Armory.
  • According to Paul Reiche III, Toys For Bob fought with Activision in numerous debates to have Light and Dark introduced and innovated. Activision were concerned that there were already many mandatory things for the games that took up time and budget. Fortunately Toys For Bob were lucky enough to bring in the elements of Light and Dark in Skylanders: Trap Team and the characters made for them to be created in later games. [4]


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