“Good luck, and come visit me whenever you like! Please...? I wish I hadn't outlived my entire family...”
    —Dale, Assault on Skylander Academy

Dale is an old wizard gatekeeper in the Skylanders Academy TV show. Though he is a minor character first seen in My Way or the Sky Way, he is later the gatekeeper of one of the trials in The Isle of the Citadel. In his spare time, he studies on the Skylanders Academy campus at the community college.



Having outlived his entire family, Dale is lonesome and is eager to talk with other people, though most of the time they refuse conversation and find him unnerving.


Season 1

In My Way or the Sky Way, Dale is briefly seeing discussing his resumé with Kaos before the latter is called. Much later, in Assault on Skylander Academy, he presents one of the trials for the access to the Core of Light, showing clear displeasure when the Skylanders ignore his plea for small talk in their haste to save Master Eon.

When the Skylanders solved his trial, a riddle about darkness, he allowed them into the next trial, begging them to come back and talk someday.

Season 2

Dale is seen in various episodes of Season 2 at the Skylands Community College, on the Skylanders Academy campus. However, most of it is spent sleeping through classes.




  • His outfit is the same as Haldor's, lacking the rims along the openings and being much larger.
  • When discussing his resumé, Dale implies he is over 300 years old.
  • Though he appears to be a Troll because of his resemblance to Glumshanks' model in the show, as well as pointed ears, reddish hair and pupils(unlike an elf), his species is unknown.
    • Oddly, he briefly requests "human contact", despite the fact nor he nor any of the Skylanders facing the trials are human.
    • He shares the same voice actor as Broccoli Guy and Wind-up, Cedric Yarbrough.


Skylanders Academy
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