“I'm the real peel!”
    —Cy's catchphrase

Cy is an Imaginator from the Skylanders Academy television series. Created from a Creation Crystal in King Pen's possession, he is used to assist Skylander teams in need of teamwork training.



Being created from nothing into a full grown creature, Cy is clueless to the world around him or even his own abilities at first, but is a quick learner and even quicker to formulate plans at a whim. Though his love of puns and slowness to understand subtleties make him eccentric, Cy tries to help even if he has to change his ways or follow foolhardy plans. Despite his natural strategist abilities, the Imaginator can be driven to act without thinking if his friends are thought to be killed.

Cy's literal-mindedness make him largely unaware of insults, however, the jealously of cadets towards his graduation without the Skylander Games ends up angering another Skylander. Oddly, Cy thinks other people are Imaginators like him, created fully sentient from parts thought up and stiched together magically.


Cy is a skilled strategist and, after few days learning and training with Team Spyro, was able to direct them to fight Fire Viper and adapt to his attacks. He also has abilities of his own, such as a potato cannon and vacuums built into his arms, and a lighter on one of his fingers; he was also given a pair of daggers similar to Stealth Elf's.


Season 1

Cy is a Skylander specifically designed to help protect the realm when no other Skylander would be able to answer a call to arms. When Team Spyro had trouble working together as a team, King Pen allowed the Skylanders to build Cy from his Creation Crystal to help the Skylanders improve their talents while working cooperatively.

S1E3 Cy Master Eon King Pen.jpg

Although Cy revealed that he had his own abilities, Team Spyro instead taught Cy their way of battling, keeping him from experimenting or adapting to the powers. This resulted in Cy copying their moves during their Fire Viper Training Simulation according to their own badly planned orders, causing Team Spyro to fail the test when he lost control over the abilities. Frustrated with his creation's performance, King Pen considered taking him apart to discover if he was at fault, though he decided to leave to the Thinking Spot to decide.

Later on, Team Spyro and Cy also left to the island to express their frustration over the incoming disbanding, but when they heard the Imaginator blaming himself for the failure, they were quick to dismiss it, as they were the ones that led him to do mistakes. Before they could reach a conclusion, however, the real Fire Viper attacked the island, and the team spent some time hiding while arguing over their few chances to defeat the monster. Cy, however, decided to attempt the trial one last time rather than accepting defeat, this time, using his own ideas. Guiding the team rather than the other way around, he adapted theirs and his own powers to distract the beast until they could subdue him. Cy then used his own abilities, thought to not be useful, to defeat the monster.

Their actions were witnessed by Master Eon and King Pen, who congratulated their efforts and went back on their plans to disband the team and dismantle Cy. Glad to have helped a team of Skylanders discover the benefits of teamwork, King Pen and Cy left to assist other teams throughout the land.

Season 2

Between his first and second appearance, Cy stopped his duty temporarily to help guard King Pen's home in Arctic Isle.

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In Belly of the Beast, Cy and King Pen came under attack by the vengeful Fire Viper, who then captured King Pen. The Imaginator managed to escape and alerted the Skylanders at Skylanders Academy of the situation. While coming up with a plan, Cy faced prejudice from the jealous cadets but befriended a cadet named Bad Breath. Team Spyro, the cadets, and Cy returned to Arctic Isle to save King Pen but witnessed Fire Viper devouring the sensei. This enraged Cy, causing him blindly attempt to attack Fire Viper and get easily eaten. Without Cy, the Skylanders' battle plan was ruined, resulting in all the heroes and cadets being devoured.

Within the belly of Fire Viper, the cadets blame their predicament on Cy, but Bad Breath defended him and scolded the other cadets for their behavior. After Team Spyro talked with the cadets about giving Cy and Bad Breath a chance to prove themselves, and speaking with a recuperating King Pen, the Skylanders came under threat of Fire Viper's digestive tract and were able to escape out of the serpent thanks to Bad Breath's noxious fumes. Motivated, the cadets attack a still vulnerable Fire Viper with Bad Breath landing the finishing blow. Afterwards, the cadets apologized to Cy, accepting him as an official Skylander.




  • Cy is voiced by British YouTube star Daniel Middleton, more commonly known by his channel name, TheDiamondMinecart or DanTDM.[1]
  • Unlike the Imaginators from the games, Cy is not limited to a single Battle Class nor ability, though like them he can learn the abilities of his masters.
  • Unlike Sir Hoodington and other Imaginators in promo art, Cy uses the default coloring for all of his parts, resembling the Imaginators in TV adverts.
  • Cy's parts are as follows:
    • The Bananana head with Human eyes;
    • The Spyro Horns ears;
    • The Tiki Chest;
    • An altered version of the Robot Bouncer arms;
    • Legs resembling a combination of the Skelelegs and Wolfgang Legs, which he calls "Monster Legs";
    • An altered version of the Dragon Wings.
  • Though he and his powers can't be replicated accurately in game, it is possible to use parts close to his actual appearance and the Quickshot class to play as him. Dan Middleton was given a custom Imaginator figure by Activision with the corresponding parts.
    • Oddly, the figure was from the Earth element, despite Cy's Crystal in the show perfectly matching one of the released Undead Crystals, sans the elemental symbol.
    • When Dan first placed Cy on the portal, his game name is actually 'C Four', but this is not given a known reason.[2]


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