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Cutthroat Carnival is a shady amusement show that is run by Pirates after they took over it. It is the fourth chapter in Skylanders: Giants, where the Skylanders have to battle their way through the fair by challenging Pirates with the new minigame, Skystones, in order for them to repair the Dread-Yacht.


  • Repair the ship.

Elemental Gates

  • Undead
  • Air

Areas To Find

  • Loading Platform I
    • Element: Tech
  • Janitor's Lounge
    • Element: Tech
  • Concessions
    • Element: Tech
  • The Batson House
    • Element: Tech
  • Loading Platform II
    • Element: Life
  • House of Cards
    • Element: None
  • The Promenade
    • Element: Water
  • Pirate Prison
    • Element: Fire
  • Pirate Island
    • Element: Fire
  • The Crow's Nest
    • Element: Life

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Go into Quartermaster's Cabin in Pirate Island. Step on the button. It will open the gate blocking the door in Pirate Island. Go into the door and you will see the treasure.

Soul Gem


  • Lampshade Hat - +5 Elemental Power
  • Mariachi Hat - +10 Armor

Luck-o-Tron Wheel

In Pirate Prison, shoot the gate that is furthest to the left with the cannon or a Giant. There is an open passage leading around the side of the prison. Follow it and you will see the wheel.


  • There is a slight chance that the enemies shown in the very first cutscene of this Chapter load incorrectly, causing one of the Axecutioners to fall through the floor.
  • The first key gate can be skipped entirely by utilizing the nearby Bounce Pad. A well-timed lunge attack from characters such as Stealth Elf, Pop Fizz, or Tree Rex can allow the player to vault over the gate. The key intended for that gate can be used in the next gate, effectively skipping a large portion of the Chapter.
  • The two cutscenes that trigger around the galleon's cannon can be skipped by hugging the wooden supports to get to the cannon.
    • This causes the Mohawk Cyclopses just beyond the affected gate to freeze in place rather than approach the Skylander like they usually would.
  • Woof's first cutscene can be skipped by using a Giant with projectiles, such as Swarm. Destroying the gate imprisoning Bandit just as Woof's cutscene starts forces Bandit's cutscene to interrupt Woof.
    • This causes Woof to run in place as he tries to get to where he needs to stand next.
  • Most of Pirate Island's battles and block puzzles can be skipped, but this is an incredibly difficult trick to perform. First, the player must take the stairs to the far right just past the first block and use Stealth Elf's acrobatics to jump to the nearby platform just beyond the block. Then, Shroomboom must use a Self-Slingshot to launch himself over the gap that the block would occupy. Shroomboom then needs to launch himself at a specific location to the right of the final key gate. If the launch successfully hits its mark, Shroomboom can walk along the fence until he falls on the other side to fight Dreadbeard's guards.
  • The Undead Gate reuses gameplay assets from the Life Gate from the Pirate Seas level.
  • This level was seen in Blobber's flashback in the Lost Imaginite Mines level in Skylanders: Imaginators.
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