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“Roll over the competition!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Crypt Crusher is Fiesta's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. The Crypt Crusher is the undefeated champion of underworld drag racing. Originally crafted from Fiesta’s childhood racecar bed, it now uses an intimidating "Wheel of Doom" to roll over the competition!


Performance Mods

  • Coffin Clapper
  • Wood Geist
  • Mummy Motif
  • Fiesta Fueled Engine

Specialty Mods

  • Grave Raiser
  • Stage Coach Cruiser
  • Mums Spindle
  • Percussion Pusher

Horn Options

  • Creepy Critter Call Horn
  • Decomposition Horn
  • Cacoffiny Horn
  • Honk O' Ween Horn

Character Trailers

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  • The Crypt Crusher is one of three music based Vehicles, the other two are Sub Woofer and Wave Singer.
  • Its weapon currently doesn't show up in the Wii U or the Xbox 360 version, though the sound effect still plays.
  • It slightly resembles the Spirit Dragster.