“Don't cross Cross Crow!”
    —Villain Vault

Cross Crow is one of the Water villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is a notorious treasure hunter that is always in hot pursuit of Skylands’ most legendary artifacts... and a good key-lime pie.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Cross Crow battled the Skylanders in Time Town flanked by a group of Buzzer Beaks, BirdBrains and Cuckoo Clockers. He was eventually overpowered and trapped.

Full Blast

At an unknown timeframe, Cross Crow frequently botched a Mabu village's attempts in using their Elemental hot air balloon using his flying crow chariot and an army of Corn Hornets, seeing their attempt at honoring the Skylanders as an insult. When Spyro and Jet-Vac attempted to intervene, they were quickly dispatched, causing the crow to declare that flawless victory as "Cross Crow Day". When Jet-Vac helped the Mabu rebuild their balloon once again, Cross Crow returned to destroy it once and for all, but Spyro arrived with Jet-Vac's new armor and weaponry just in time, allowing them to defeat the crow and force him to retreat with a good amount of singed feathers.


  • "Don't cross Cross Crow." — first appearance.
  • "You can't hunt the hunter!"

Trap Quotes

  • "No need to get crossed up here!"
  • “You can not capture CROSS CRRRROOOOWWWW!” — when trapping
  • "So think you can capture Cross Crow and get away with it huh? Is simply waiting for oppurtunity to take flight!"
  • "Cross Crow crossing onto the side of good? Then consider me crossed.”
  • "Choose Cross Crow!"
  • "Cross Crow is superior, portal master. Choose me!"
  • "Cross Crow on the GOOOOOOOOOOO!” — entering the game
  • "Cross Crow strong and ready to shoot!"
  • "Cross Crow wins again!"
  • “Cross Crow loaded up and ready for action!”
  • “Me call mighty bird swarm!”
  • "Bird swarm, rise!"
  • "Winged ruffians, attack!"
  • “Taking off!”
  • "Cross Crow think you should consider decorator. Suggests something shiny."
  • "Yeah, fine. Cross Crow will discover where the Skylanders keep their eggs."
  • "You not look so good, Skylander. Cross Crow here is your wingman!"
  • "Time up! Cross Crow out of action..." - Time Out
  • "Cross Crow cocked and ready to fly!" - Quest
  • "Super shiny." - checking stats

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Cross Crow's theme is Tournament, from APM Music.

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  • He is the second water character to have a crossbow, the first being Punk Shock.
    • Coincidentally, they are both Water-elemental playable characters.
  • His Villain Vault description is the same as what he says in his first appearance. This makes him the second villain to have this feature; the first being Shield Shredder.
  • He and Tae Kwon Crow are the only main story level villains who are not accompanied by any other trappable villain in their levels.
    • Coincidentally, they are both crows.
  • He and Chill both speak with Russian accents.
    • Coincidentally, they are both of the water element.
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