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Creation Crystals are special figures introduced in Skylanders: Imaginators; magical vials with an Imaginite crystal inside. They allow players to create and transport their Imaginators to consoles at anytime and anywhere. Creation Crystals are elementally aligned and can be edited at any point, but Portal Masters can create only one character per Creation Crystal. Battle Class, levels and upgrades are meant to be permanent, as the Crystals cannot be reset in Imaginators.

Each Creation Crystal consists of two parts; the central Imaginite crystal piece and a casing. Each of these has ten different designs, available in 31 unique combinations, out of the 100 possible combinations. Three of these combinations are also available as Legendary counterparts. All designs are available in three Elements, apart from the cube-shaped crystal and the rune-covered casing, which are available in four each. Life features four combinations, while the other nine Elements feature three combinations each.

List of Creation Crystals

Creation Crystals Element
Air Crystals.png Air Creation Crystals Air
Dark Crystals.png Dark Creation Crystals Dark
Earth Crystals.png Earth Creation Crystals Earth
Fire Crystals.png Fire Creation Crystals Fire
Life Crystals.png Life Creation Crystals Life
Light Crystals.png Light Creation Crystals Light
Magic Crystals.png Magic Creation Crystals Magic
Tech Crystals.png Tech Creation Crystals Tech
Undead Crystals.png Undead Creation Crystals Undead
Water Crystals.png Water Creation Crystals Water
Legendary Creation Crystals
Legendary Crystals.png Legendary Creation Crystals
  • Legendary Light Crystal
  • Legendary Life Crystal
  • Legendary Magic Crystal



  • While Creation Crystals were designed to be non-resetable, it is possible to reset them with early 3DS games. Talking to Wendel in Spyro's Adventure or Hugo in Giants, the games register used Creation Crystals as having an error, offering players to reset them.
    • This is also possible in the Wii version of Giants, by selecting the "Reset Broken Toys" option from the options menu.
  • Despite being similar in concept to the Crystal Traps which shared multiple moulds but were distinguished by unique names, the Creation Crystals do not have different names to tell them apart.
    • Fans have given unofficial nicknames to the different sculpts to help with telling the figures apart.
  • The Dark, Light and Legendary Creation Crystals are the only ones with gold grips, coils and differently shaped crystal holders inside the vessels while the rest of the elements' are black.
  • It is unknown why the Life element has 4 Creation Crystals while the other elements only have 3 each.
    • The 'Rune' design is also the only casing to have 4 figures. Due to the 'Life Rune' Crystal being exclusive to the Dark Edition Starter Pack, it could be that it was created after all the other figures as an afterthought.
  • 5 Creation Crystal designs were never commercially released anywhere, making them impossible to legally add to your in-game collection. This also means that the Fire, Earth, Light, Tech and Air elements have one less crystal than the other elements. It is unknown why these figures were never released.
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