Crash Landing is the eleventh episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


After Crash Bandicoot is somehow transported into their world, the Skylanders have to help him get home by finding a dark relic.


After the events of the previous episode, Master Eon uses his powers to create a portal for Crash Bandicoot's return to his dimension. Crash bids farewell to the Skylanders and the problem is seemingly resolved once he enters. However, the portal proves unsuccessful as he is sent back. Eon realizes that light magic is not enough and that dark magic is needed by acquiring a dark relic. Master Eon tasks the Skylanders to begin searching at the depths of the Falling Forest, urging caution due to reports of strange effects. Crash Bandicoot volunteers to accompany the team.

As they journey through the Falling Forest, they stumble upon a Greeble encampment preparing to roast a captured Mabu couple, Gary and Claire. When the Skylanders prepare for rescue, they discover that they've already succumbed to the forest's effects as their powers diminish. They proceed instead to plan a strike without their powers. While Jet-Vac goes through rigorous planning, Crash begins his own assault; swiftly taking the Mabu couple away while incapacitating the Greebles by detonating all their explosives. Spyro is stunned by his performance and begins to idolize Crash, while the couple leave arguing amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, Kaossandra enters the Meditation Chamber, oblivious to Kaos being able to sneak inside. While Kaossandra busies herself of performing an incantation with her Book of Dark Magic. Kaos witnesses the vast power the book possesses and plots to acquire it in order to become more powerful. After she finishes, Kaos steals it and takes the book back to his lair, but finds that the book is locked by a powerful spell that prevents Kaos from opening it. This makes Kaos more eager to learn of the book's contents so he plans to seek another mage who is capable of undoing the spell.

Resuming their travels, Spyro endlessly shows his appreciation for Crash, becoming oblivious to incoming obstacles to. It reaches to a point where Spyro becomes obsessed with Crash's heroic actions and charm that he begins to imitate his idol's movements and appearance. Their journey takes them to an unattended campsite and they begin to scavenge the items for any dark relics. The team then goes into hiding as the camp's owner returns, revealed to be Chompy Mage. The Skylanders notice that Spyro tries to make a similar move by Crash, but he fails and falls down right next to Chompy Mage. Powerless, Spyro tries to subdue the villain but gets captured himself and is taken away. Fortunately, Crash manages to find clues of where the wizard fled. 

Chompy drags Spyro into his secluded cottage and plans to sacrifice Spyro for a summoning spell. He is interrupted by a visit from Kaos and Glumshanks. Kaos seeks the mage's powers to unlock the book but when he discovers Chompy has Spyro captive, Kaos then bargains with him that after he unlocks the book, Kaos offers him a spell from the book in exchange for Spyro. Though Chompy desires the whole book he relents for a Chompy summoning spell instead. When Chompy Mage begins undoing the powerful curse, he desires the book again for its vast potential of Dark Magic, but Kaos overpowers him with his enhanced powers. Crash and the Skylanders arrive, and Crash decides to take on Kaos while the Skylanders try to safeguard Spyro. Spyro apologizes for his obsessive behaviour of Crash's heroism that led to his capture. The team is unable to break the chains and so Crash demands that Chompy Mage free him. Chompy Mage flees in fear, as well as an injured Kaos with Glumshanks. But the team still lacks a dark relic in order to return, but Crash reveals that he still possesses the left behind Book of Dark Magic.

When the book is brought to Master Eon, he is shocked that the Skylanders have acquired one of the darkest relics that Eon thought to be destroyed during the Great War. Master Eon uses the book to combine light and dark magic into forming the perfect portal to Crash's homeworld. The Skylanders say their goodbyes to Crash, as Spyro expresses admiration with his heroics, and Crash returns the gesture by praising how the team must always function in a combined effort in order to triumph, much to Eon's urgency for Crash to hurry. Crash finally enters the portal and disappears back to his world. Master Eon faints from the immense exhaustion with the Skylanders hurrying to his aid. Eon regains consciousness, heavily disoriented though, but believes he is fine. After resolving their issue, Eon plans to begin studying the book's enigmatic dark contents.

Kaossandra becomes furious with Kaos's actions and his blunder of losing the book to the hands of the Skylanders. Kaossandra clarifies the dire consequences to Kaos that she worries not for the Academy possessing the book but for other villains that will undoubtedly begin searching for the book for themselves. Before leaving to take the book back by herself, Kaossandra questions Kaos if he is certain that no one knows about the book's whereabouts. Kaos lies, claiming he told no one, but left out the part that he sought out Chompy Mage to unlock the book who is now disclosing information of the powerful relic's location to the rest of his evil peers: the Doom Raiders.

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  • Pop Fizz eats the Evil-Scope lens from the previous episode.
  • Crash is returned to his homeworld.
  • The Doom Raiders discover the Book of Dark Magic, which comes into the Skylanders' possession.
  • Eon is afflicted by the usage of dark magic from Kaossandra's book.

Errors & Mistakes


  • Crash's theme song plays when Crash takes on the Greebles and saves the Mabu couple. Unlike other instances in this and the previous episode, the other Skylanders notice it playing somewhere in the background. This is likely a fourth wall break.
  • Glumshanks' first appearance in the episode has him talking over the phone about a new Batman movie, as identified by his lines about "killing his parents" and "double chin costume." However, he never mentions the name.
    • At the same exchange, he also says it is a "shut up and take my money" franchise, in a reference to the Futurama meme of the same name.
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