The Cradle of Creation is the first chapter of Skylanders: Imaginators. At first, it appears to be an ancient temple hidden in a jungle, but closer inspection reveals a magical area hidden inside a mountain created by the Ancients. Spyro is the Storyteller of this level.


  • Reach the Mountain
  • Escape the Maze
  • Complete each path
  • Get to the Doomlander

Areas to Find

  • Primordial Plateau
  • Voracious Clearing
  • Wheel of Augmentation
  • Cliffs of Emergence
  • Lost Ledge
  • Stone Hollow
  • Balcony of Formation
  • Maze of the Mind
  • Circle of Ascension
    • Element: Sensei
  • Puzzle of the Id
  • Path of Adaptation
  • Bridge of Regression
  • Visualization Chamber
  • Eye of Mastery

Sensei Shrines

  • Brawler



  • This is the first Magic-themed level that mostly uses the element's signature color: purple. Quicksilver Vault had entirely blue assets of varying shades, Arkeyan Armory used several yellow, orange and red tones, the Vault of the Ancients could be changed between blue and yellow. The Lost Islands Magic levels Cyclops Square and Dragon's Peak have no main color.
  • Brain creatures.png
    This level has many engravings and possibly fossils of creatures resembling Brain. In addition, there are also three large jars that contain identical-looking brain creatures in the magical ruins that are used to generate Mind Magic platforms. Whether or not these beings are Ancients is unknown.
  • This is one of the four Levels that have only one Sensei Shrine (The others being Mushroom River, Fizzland, and The Golden Arcade).
  • The name of this level has a double meaning: while "cradle" can refer to "birth", in Mayan it literally means "resting place" (as in "final resting place", or "grave").
    • Based on this, and the fossils seen, it can be assumed that this is essentially the burial place of the Ancients.
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