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This article is about the machine from the games. You may be looking for the machine from the spin-off TV series.

The Core of Light is an ancient machine that was created by the Ancients, first appearing in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It is powered by all the elements and was constructed using various items from the whole of Skylands. In the game, the Core of Light was located in the hub world known as the Ruins and will be reconstructed one by one as each elemental component and Eternal Elemental Source is restored to the machine.



The Core of Light is a great machine that the benevolent Ancients created to fill the skies of Skylands with light and to keep The Darkness at bay. In the past, the Skylanders of old discovered it in the Ancients' Peak and used it to destroy most of The Darkness's original form. However millenia later, Kaos arrived in Skylands and learned of the Core. Hungry for power, he tried to destroy the machine there and then in order to rule Skylands, but he was defeated by Master Eon and the Skylanders. The evil Portal Master however, hasn't given up on attempting to destroy the Core of Light.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

One fateful day, Kaos returned from his exile in the Outlands and destroyed the Core of Light using his Hydra, a four-headed dragon. Without the Core of Light, The Darkness once again spread throughout Skylands. One of the two main goals of Spyro's Adventure is to restore the Core of Light in order to repel The Darkness again. After recovering the Eternal Sources, the Core of Light was successfully rebuilt and it released a powerful beacon of light that once again banished The Darkness.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

The Core of Light getting destroyed in Skylanders: SuperChargers

The Core of Light was moved to the Skylanders Academy during the events of Rift into Overdrive for the Skylanders stationed there to protect it. When the Sky Eater's rifts disrupted Portal communication across Skylands, Kaos's forces and Count Moneybone's army attempted to take advantage and destroy the Academy, but the Skylanders regrouped just in time to prevent the attack.

While looking through the writer Pomfrey's research on the Ancients stored in the Spell Punk Library, it was discovered that the great machine wasn't actually completed despite possessing the power to hold back The Darkness, and it required the Eye of the Ancients in order to be completed and unleash a direct attack. However, before the Skylanders could return the final component, great part of it was swallowed by the Sky Eater in a surprise attack, forcing the Skylanders to look for other ways now that Skylands was left without a beacon of light.

Skylanders: Imaginators

The new Core of Light was placed in the Sensei Light Realm, using most of the components that remained. It now needed to be fueled by the lasers of power crystals of various colors, which also powers the machinery of its island. At an unknown point, enemies invaded the desert surrounding it and moved the crystals, and its overseers, Lux and Lumiosa, asked for the help of the Skylanders to restore the crystals' positions and keep the Realm from being engulfed in darkness.


The Core of Light protected Skylands from The Darkness for many years, using a brilliant beam that instantly vanquishes the magic-eating entity's manifestation where clearly visible. However in SuperChargers, Pomfrey's research revealed that the machine's original function was to act as a weapon against The Darkness, and not only as a shield. With the Eye of the Ancients equipped, the Core of Light's true potential would've be revealed had it not been destroyed by Kaos's Sky Eater.

The Core of Light also bestowed its magic upon Skylanders, giving them LightCore powers. When activated, these Skylanders grow brightly in certain spots and can unleash a wave of light that defeats most enemies instantly.

Other appearances

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

The Core of Light is used as a replacement for the Spring of Souls after the game's reboot, using its combination of elements to open gates from which Skylanders could access the Shattered Islands.

Though Kaos's main objective with the Book of Dark Magic was to destroy the Core permanently, his squabble with the Doom Raiders caused them to lose sight of the goal to fight for dark power instead.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

  • The Eternal Air Source
  • The Twin Spouts of Ocea-Major-Minor
  • The Eternal Water Source
  • The Crystal Eye
  • The Eternal Earth Source
  • The Eternal Life Source
  • The Golden Gear
  • The Green Goo of Primordia
  • The Eternal Tech Source
  • The Skull Mask of the Undead King Mortalannis
  • The Eternal Undead Source
  • The Crucible of the Ages
  • The Eternal Fire Source
  • The Quicksilver
  • The Eternal Magic Source

Skylanders: SuperChargers

  • The Eye of the Ancients



  • Skylanders

    Core of LIght Hat

    There is a hat in the theme of the Core of Light in Skylanders: Trap Team.
  • Series 2 Hex's skull during her Wow Pow power is based on the Skull Mask of the Undead King Mortalannis.
  • Oddly, the rebuilt Core in Skylanders: Imaginators appears to be missing the Eternal Air and Water Sources, as the golem-like statues activated by it are no longer there, nor are the water jets and small river that encircle it. It is also missing the Crystal Eye and parts of the machinery activated by the Tech Eternal Source.
    • The missing parts match up with its destruction in SuperChargers, which removed the top half (with the Crystal Eye, if watched frame-by-frame, being the most visible part attached to the lost structure), while the other Sources either manifested at the bottom of the structure or mostly affected its lower half. However, it is unknown how the Twin Spouts were recovered, as the Skull Mask gained a golden replacement instead.
  • As the Core's original purpose was a weapon, its shape implies it would be used as a cannon. Many of its components focus on movement despite the structure as a whole being stationary, and when it was first rebuilt, it had the ability to teleport people across Skylands and beyond with coordinate inputs. However, the possible effect of the Eye of the Ancients upon the machine remains unknown.
  • The Core has, or had in its almost-complete state, the ability to empower a target with Magic when they come in contact with the beam.[1]


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