For information about stats in the other games, see the Statistics.

In the console version of Skylanders, gaining levels only increases health. To increase the other stats, Skylanders will have to complete Heroic Challenges or Bonus Missions, and they can complete these on any console, regardless of ownership.

Types of Stats

  • Level: Affects how much health a Skylander has. The maximum level is 10 (15 in Skylanders: Giants and 20 in Skylanders: Swap Force).
  • Health: How much damage a Skylander can take before it needs to rest.
    • Health is the only stat that is increased when the Skylander gains a level, with a maximum of twice the starting health at level 10.
  • Speed: How fast a Skylander can move.
  • Armor: The chance a Skylander has to take 0 damage from an attack. When an attack is blocked, a Yellowshieldicon will show instead of a damage number.
  • 3 points of armor increase this chance by +1%.(Prism Break and some others can get armor from upgrades.)
  • Critical Hit: The chance a Skylander has to deal 1.5x damage with an attack. When an attack is critical, a ! will show next to the damage number.
    • 5 points of critical hit increase this chance by +1%.
  • Elemental Power: Increases the damage dealt by the Skylander while in their own elemental zone or when arena battling against a Skylander of an element that is weak against it. 1 point of Elemental Power increases the bonus damage by 1%.
    • All Skylanders start with 25 Elemental Power and get a +7 bonus for each Skylander of the same element added to the player's Collection. Combined with the bonuses from Heroic Challenges, the maximum EP they can get can exceed 100.
  • Heroics: How many Heroic Challenges a Skylander has completed.
  • Hero Level: The level a Skylander has in the webgame. This stat isn't used in the console game.


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