Cockadoodledoom, also known as Agent 173, is the name of a massive rooster in Skylanders: SuperChargers. He was Cluck's first successful super soldier in his potential conquest over Skylands using an army of chickens. Upon getting through Cluck's tree house office, the SuperChargers met an employee named Suanne with a Sky vehicle dock who tasked the heroes to defeat the giant rooster. Despite Cockadoodledoom's radioactive eggs and assistants, he eventually was bested and taken down.


In the first part of Cockadoodledoom's battle he attacks by spitting one egg at a time at the player, and creating shockwaves to harm the player. In the second part of his battle however, he attacks by shooting multiple eggs at a time with his sniper gun.

Boss Battle

The battle begins by Cockadoodledoom noticing the Skylander's sky vehicle, and then he chases after the Skylanders. In the first part of his battle he is chasing the Skylanders, and shooting eggs and creating shockwaves to harm the Skylanders. After you give chase for a little while you fly away in your sky vehicle and Cockadoodledoom jumps on a platform in the air. When he jumps on this platform he pull out a sniper gun, and tries to shoot the Skylanders with eggs. At this time enemy fighter ships come in to assist Cockadoodledoom, so not only do you need to try to dodge his attacks, you also need to dodge the fighters attacks. You hit him at this point by shooting at him in your sky vehicle. After you take some damage on him a few shield ships come in and project him a shield. You cannot hit him at this point until you destroy the slow moving shield ships giving him a shield. After this to defeat him once and for all you shoot out him, and deplete his health bar to nothing.


  • His name is a play on a sound roosters sometimes make often interpreted as "Cock-a-doodle-doo".

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