The Cloudless Desert is a popular tourist location for Mabu, introduced in Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard. It is the sunniest spot in all Skylands, with a beachfront that was attacked by the Cloud Citadel's weather machines in the events of the book.


While waiting for the next mission from Master Eon, Zook and Cynder enjoyed their free time in different degrees in the desert, until Hex arrived with news to give Cynder a much needed reason to ask about the next segment of the Mask of Power. Before the elf could answer however, the Desert was struck by an unnatural storm that turned the beach into quicksand.

Saving the Mabu before they were swallowed by the mud with quick moves and Zook's bamboo chutes, he and Cynder made enough time for Hex to use an arcane spell that scared away the storm clouds. Though the Mabu were far from thankful to her, the Skylanders soon left to the Eternal Archives.

Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard

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