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This article is about the prison in the main game continuity. You may be looking for the location canon to the TV spinoff.

Cloudcracker Prison is a feared stronghold in Skylands made of Traptanium.


The Trap Masters serve as the guards of the prison to prevent the most notorious Villains of Skylands from escaping.

However in Skylanders: Trap Team, Kaos blew up the prison with a frequency modulator machine, and sent both the Trap Masters and the Traptanium (which reformed in the shape of Traps) down to Earth, releasing the villains in order to strengthen his dark army. Its explosion was also so great that the very foundations of Skylands were shaken, releasing the Light and Dark elements from their respective realms.

After the events of Trap Team, Cloudcracker Prison has since been rebuilt. However, some of its prisoners were offered a second chance to redeem themselves in exchange for their suspended prison sentences.

Known inmates



  • Artwork of Trap Team cinematic cutscenes show the area surrounding the Prison, which appears to be a large deposit of blue and red Traptanium.
  • According to the Book of Kaos, it is more terrifying than the Lucid Lockdown fortress in the Realm of Dreams, to the point the villains actually enjoyed having Dreamcatcher bring their nightmares to life while imprisoned.[1]


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