“Welcome, small ones! What brings you to the Temple of the magnificent Cloudbreather Dragon, which, of course, is me?”

The Cloudbreather Dragon, also known as the Cloudbreather, is a massive, magical dragon that resides in the Cloudscraper Mountains. He holds the ability to locate anyone or anything in Skylands by sniffing out the personal item from whoever the person is looking for. However, the only way to speak to it is at the end of the Sacred Dragon Temple on its back, which also has mechanisms to disperse the clouds that he creates.


The Cloudbreather can fly and breath clouds, even projecting images through them. His most well-known ability is his power to locate anything given its scent.


When the Skylanders sought to speak with the Cloudbreather Dragon for the location of Master Eon, the Dark Drow had overruned the surrounding villages of the Cloudscraper Mountains and launched an attack on the creature, seeking to control him. They were soon thwarted along with the Rush Crusher that protected the main room of the temple, allowing the Skylanders to talk with the Cloudbreather, who was able to tell the current whereabouts of Master Eon by sniffing the Portal Master's remaining possession: his sock.



  • The Gust Gears in the Sacred Dragon Temple spread clouds throughout Skylands and keep the skies from becoming empty.
  • The Cloudbreather is the second Chinese dragon in the series, the first being Fire Kraken.
  • The Cloudbreather's early design more closely resembles a Chinese dragon than the final version does.
    • As a result, the early design resembles Fire Kraken.
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