The Cloudbreak Islands is the main setting of Skylanders: Swap Force that is a part of Skylands. Every one hundred years, the Ancient Elementals combine their power into a magical volcano to replenish all the magic in Skylands.


The SWAP Force Skylanders were the protectors of the Cloudbreak Islands and its magical volcano. After an epic battle, the team of Skylanders were atop the volcano's summit when it erupted, granting them the ability to swap halves, but also banishing them to Earth, leaving the Cloudbreak Islands unprotected for a hundred years.

In Skylanders Issue 6, the Sky Train was inaugurated, allowing safe travel to the faraway islands.


Swap Force
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Main Chapters
Mount Cloudbreak - Cascade Glade - Mudwater Hollow - Rampant Ruins - Jungle Rumble - Iron Jaw Gulch
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