Clam-tron 4000 is a giant robot in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure who resides on the beach in the Ruins


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Once the Skylander brings Clam-tron 4000 back to life with some drops from a can of oil, we learn that he used to be able to extract pearls from clams, but can now only produce bombs. (He originally calls them "black pearls"). Clam-tron's bombs prove to be very useful in discovering new things around the Ruins.

In the Wii version, it is mentioned that General Robot is his "father," and he describes him by saying that "he's strict now, but you should have seen when he was a few quarts of oil younger." This possibly implies that General Robot was VERY strict when Clam-tron was younger.

Skylanders: Giants

Clam-tron reappears in Skylanders: Giants, appearing in the Secret Vault of Secrets at the Tech elemental gate. He later appeared in the The Oracle in the Trial of Speed, where he challenges the Skylander to Skystones. Clam-tron also appeared in Fright Rider's Heroic Challenge.


  • He appears to be able to swim, as in the Secret Vault of Secrets, he resides in an area that was underwater for most of the level.
  • He may be looking for advice or a wish, as he is found at The Oracle. Ironically, he is found in the Trial of Strength: Speed, when it would seem he would be much more fitted for the Trial of Strength: Power.
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