Chronobones was one of the first Portal Masters in Skylands. He is the guardian of time and appeared in the storybook, Time Twisters.

Long ago, Chronobones built an enormous fortress outside of time itself. Within the fortress laid an enormous clock that controlled all the time in Skylands. However, near the end of his life, Chronobones feared it might fall into the wrong hands, so he ripped the golden hand off the clock to ensure no villains could use it to control all of time. Chronobones also made many obstacles for those who wanted to reach the master clock.

When the Skylanders finally made it to the clock, the spirit of Chronobones appeared before them and gave them one last riddle before they could use the clock. When they solved the riddle, Chronobones tasked the Skylanders to destroy the clock once and for all for the safety of Skylands. Though they expressed their worries about destroying the clock, he told them he had cast a spell a while ago which would allow time to flow through Skylands as long as the plants bloomed, and life teemed. After the clock was destroyed, Chronobones teleported the Skylanders back to Master Eon's citadel, and told them to say hello to Eon, as he sensed that he had met him, or would in the future.

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