“Ugh! Something has to be done about these CHOMPIES!! Good thing we have our racers. Drivers have to eliminate as many Chompies as possible before time runs out!”

Chompygeddon is a challenge type in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing that is held on the Land racing tracks.

The objective of the game is to shoot or run over as many chompies as possible over a single lap of the track within the time limit. As the player defeat chompies, they add to their multiplier and increase the points they get for each chompy they run over. If the player reaches the end of the lap, they earn a score bonus.

With each new game of Chompygeddon unlocked, a new chompy variant is added with it's own gimmick.

Point Scoring

The player earns points based on the type of chompy they hit. As they defeat more chompies, they increase their multiplier, up to a maximum of 5 times the normal score.

  • Standard Chompy: 1-5 points
  • Jumbo Chompy: 10-50 points
    • Sits in the middle of the track and hops on the spot.
    • Introduced in Temple of BOOM!
  • Tiger Chompy: 10-50 points
  • Skunk Chompies: 10-50 points
  • Floating Chompy: 10-50 points
  • Golden Chompy: 25-125 points
    • Rare, but worth a lot.


  • Chompy Mountain
  • Temple of BOOM!
  • Trollympic Village
  • Pandercastle Raceway
  • The After Party

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  • The music that plays during Chompygeddon is the same that is used in Chompy Garden.
  • The Chompies used in Chompygeddon have the comical appearance from SWAP Force.
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