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The Chompy Mage is a villain who is a member of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders Academy.



Though as insane as his game counterpart, the show version of Chompy Mage is much more smug and dismissive of other people, including his teammates. He is shown working alone much more often than the other Doom Raiders around his home in the Falling Forest, and has few qualms about attacking anyone that comes near it. Oddly, in this continuity, the Chompy Puppet is considered sentient by the other Doom Raiders, but can only talk when worn; and losing it leaves the mage depressed and inconsolable.


Like those creepy ventriloquists at kids’ birthday parties — except, you know, more psychotic — Chompy Mage is a deranged wizard obsessed with one thing and one thing only: Chompies, tiny, annoying green creatures that bark like dogs, and try to eat anything that comes near them. Chompy Mage loves these little horrors so much that he dresses like one, and even wears a Chompy puppet on his hand that he talks to and considers his best friend. Pathetic, right? Yep, this guy takes fandom to a whole other level.


Chompy Mage, as in the games, has powers over Chompies, being able to control great quantities of them. Though not demonstrated as of Season 2, he can sacrifice creatures for Chompy summoning rituals. He also has other generic sorcerer abilities, such as telekinesis and manipulating curses.


Season 1

The Chompy Mage first appeared in the series in the episode The Hole Truth, as an inmate of Cloudcracker Prison alongside his fellow Doom Raiders, Golden Queen, Wolfgang, Chef Pepper Jack, Broccoli Guy, and later Dreamcatcher (who first joins the Raiders in the episode). Chompy Mage along with the his fellow villains manipulated Spyro, Eruptor, and Stealth Elf into sending them to the solitary confinement area of the prison called "The Hole" so they could combine their powers to create a wormhole and escape. Upon realizing their mistake, the Skylanders sent themselves to The Hole to stop the Doom Raiders from escaping, but were outnumbered and failed to stop the villains in time.

In the following episode, Chompy Mage and the other Doom Raiders were stationed at Kaos' Guest Castle, destroying and using its furnitue as they saw fit. In The Skylands Are Falling!, the wizard was the first subject to the Evil-Scope, as Team Spyro used it to predict that he would attempt to burn down the Falling Forest using his mail. The location and Chompy Mage would later play a key role in Crash Landing as the team and Crash Bandicoot ran into one of his many tents across the island, and Spyro was kidnapped by the villain. Before he could use the dragon in a summoning ritual at his cottage, however, Kaos approached him in an attempt to strike a bargain to open the Book of Dark Magic. Seeing the book's powerful curse, Chompy Mage attempted to steal it for himself instead, but was confronted by a much empowered Kaos who proposed to destroy the wizard and be left alone by the Doom Raiders. Team Spyro intervened before Kaos could attack, and after the fight, Chompy Mage escaped to his fellow villains to spread the information that Kaossandra's book of spells was now in possession of the Skylanders.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Chompy Mage joined the other Doom Raiders in an attempt to steal the book after initially acting alone. Initially driven out by the Skylanders, the group made an alliance with Kaossandra to get the book in exchange for the Academy itself, but betrayed her as soon as they obtained the artifact and were defeated in turn. However, with Kaos joining the group, they soon started looking for a new way to obtain the Book of Dark Magic.

Season 2

Between the events of the seasons, Chompy Mage carelessly left his puppet in a bathroom, where it was arrested. In Spyromania, Chompy Mage is inconsolable because of his "loss", forcing the other Doom Raiders and Kaos to look for it in Cloudcracker Prison as he quickly became impossible to reason with.


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  • Unlike his game counterpart, the Chompy Mage has an English/Scottish accent.
  • Chompy Mage has an amazing acting talent in the form of imitating voices, which he showed in Split Decision, at a party in honor of Kaos imitating his voice with the help of a puppet.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Master Eon, Chris Diamantopoulos.


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