“The champ of chomp!”
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The Chompy Mage is a minor antagonist who appeared in Skylanders: Giants and as one of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is a wizard who has the ability to summon Chompies and transform into a giant Chompy. He dislikes anyone who isn't a Chompy, and always has a Chompy puppet on his left hand which he occassionally speaks for. His brother is the Sheep Mage.[1]


The Chompy Mage is obsessed with Chompies, so much that he dresses like a Chompy. He doesn't like anyone who isn't a Chompy. 


Being a wizard, the Chompy Mage has the ability to summon magic that can be harmful in the real world (takes away health) or good in the other world (heals the Skylander). He also has the ability to transform into a large Chompy.

As a Chompy, the Chompy Mage can release eggs that would hatch into regular Chompies or Enfuego Chompies, depending on which world they are in. He can also blow gusts of wind, and inhale to draw the Skylander towards it to bite them.



Believe it or not, the Chompy Mage actually hatched from inside a Chompy Pod. At least that is how his Chompy hand puppet tells the story. Having been raised by Chompies, it is no surprise that the old magician is a little strange. He simply grew up embracing the Chompy way – believing that Skylands would be a better place if everyone was a Chompy – an illegal enchantment which he has actually tried to perform on several occasions. 

Skylanders: Giants

The Chompy Mage was on his way to the annual Chompy Convention (ChompyCon), but got lost. He didn't want to ask for directions, so he pretended like he moved to Wilikin Village on purpose. The Chompy Mage then figured he would stay there for a while, practicing his magic, and then set out for the ChompyCon next year.[2] However, his antics proved to be a nuisance to the Wilikin, eluding the residents by switching between the real world and the Wilikin world.

Eventually, the Skylander confronted the Chompy Mage and defeated him at the edge of Wilikin Village. He later appears in the credits, conversing with Flynn.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Eventually, the Chompy Mage's forbidden magic attempt to turn others into Chompies led him to be locked up inside Cloudcracker Prison, where he met the other Doom Raiders. Of course, they all thought he was completely crazy, but the Chompy Mage can see through the eyes of any Chompy in Skylands — and having a few billion little spies can come in handy when trying to enact revenge on the Skylanders. Plus, he could secure the Chompy vote for any sort of political elections that followed.


Skylanders: Giants

  • "Greetings! I am the Chompy Mage! And you are not a Chompy! So I don't like you!!!"

Skylanders: Trap Team

  • "It is I, the Chompy Mage, and you are still not Chompy. So I still don't like you!" (as his Chompy Puppet) "Let's rock!"
  • Chompies, Chompies, Chompies!
  • More Chompies, MORE!!!
  • "How irritating! I suppose I should make this a little tougher." (as the Chompy Puppet) "Round 2!"

Trap Quotes

  • "What the...?! What did I do to deserve this?! Oh yeah! All that stuff I did!"
  • "Who will look after the chompppppppppiiiiiieeeessss...?!"
  • "Hey!" (knocks on the Trap) "What's going on?! Where am I?! It's very dark in here, and it kind of smells like mustard!"
  • "Mmm... I suppose we should just accept this, eh, Chompy Puppet?" (as the Chompy Puppet) "Just go with the flow, man!"

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Chompy Mage theme

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  • He thinks he's a great singer, but he is in fact pretty bad.
    • Despite this, he was a good rapper in It's Christmas 4 Bad Guyz 2.
  • He loves enchiladas, like Flynn.
  • Flynn has offered to help him find a new job.
  • As he appears on the Dread-Yacht's dingy during the credits, it appears that he can teleport.
  • The Chompy Mage is very similar to his brother, the Sheep Mage: both are mages that are associated with an animal of Skylands, both have left hand puppets of their respective animals, the ability to transform into a large version of their respective creature and possess the ability to blow and inhale large amounts of air.
  • He is also similar to Clopin in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, while both of them have puppets of their favorite things.
  • His magic attack is similar to the Hydra's Life elemental powers.
  • At the time when Skylanders: Trap Team was first revealed, when back into the game, he would say: "WHAT? I'm back in Skylands?!"
  • The Chompy Mage is one of the three trappable villains that think the trap smells like mustard (the others are Tussle Sprout and Chef Pepper Jack).
  • He, Chompy, and the Bone Chompy are the only trappable villains who first appeared in Giants.
    • The Chompy Mage is the only Doom Raider who first appeared in Giants.


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