Chompy Frostflowers are a type of Ice Chompy found in the Boney Islands in Skylanders: Swap Force. Like all Chompies, they bite the Skylanders to attack.


  • When the Chompy Frostflower is introduced, they don't include the blue Chompy Pods' name.
  • They are greatly similar to the Frigid Chompies, except the Chompy Frostflowers have ice covering their bodies and their ice bite doesn't freeze a Skylander.
  • Chompy Frostflowers, Arkeyan Barrelbots and Evilized Screechers were one of the three enemies that first appear in their intro next to a Dual-Elemental Gate. Chompy Frostflowers next to Magic/Life, Arkeyan Barrelbots next to Magic/Fire and Evilized Screechers next to Undead/Life.
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