“This one will be easy for a great Skylander like yourself. You've just got to take out 100 enemies. Hmmm. Maybe that's too easy. Let's make it interesting, shall we? 100 enemies and you'll need to do it in just a few minutes.”

Chompy Chomp-Down is the first Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Warnado in Spyro's Adventure and is bought in Auric's shop in Giants. It uses the map of Molekin Mine and requires 100 enemies to be defeated in under three minutes and thirty seconds. The challenge grants 9 Elemental Power to the Skylander that completes it.

This challenge is one of the easier, straight-forward ones as all enemies are easy to defeat, most of them being Chompies. The map is also dotted with barrels, which many Chompies can break out of when Skylanders are close by, and a few Teleporters for easier access around the map. Aside from Chompies, several Cyclops Mammoths roam the map in Spyro's Adventure, as well as Blaze Brewers and large Trog Pinchers in Giants, all of which are weaker than their story level counterparts and can be defeated in seconds. Defeat a total of 100 enemies to win.


Spyro's Adventure


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Spyro's Adventure

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