“Made for Chompies, by Chompies.”
    —Game description

Chompy Bot 9000s are Chompy-like machines in Skylanders: Giants that are piloted by red Chompies. It attacks by blasting Chompies through its arms, and also by stomping around and hitting the Skylanders. When defeated, a Chompy Bot 9000 will explode and release a number of Chompies. When the Chompy Bot 9000 is firing, it will shoot two variants; Most commonly the regular Green chompies, which die after being fired, but also red chompies, which can return to battle the Skylander as it takes on the Chompy Bot. The Stomp Attack is constantly used when the Skylander it is trying to defeat is on a different angle than where it would fire Chompies.


  • The Chompy Bot 9000 Skystone is the Skystone with the most variants.
  • The explosion when the Chompy Bot 9000 is defeated does not deal any damage.
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