“Beware those pearly whites.”
    —Game description.

Chompies are one of the most common monsters in Skylanders series that are not very bright. They are green creatures that bark and yelp like dogs. They sometimes spawn from Chompy Pods or Root Runners, and by destroying them, the Chompies will stop appearing.

The rarest Chompy is the Purple Chompy that is only found one of the Heroic Challenges. Surprisingly, it is noted by Cali that they are not as bad as their green cousins, but despite that, Purple Chompies still attack the Skylanders.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, a Chompy and a Bone Chompy villain can be trapped.

Kinds of Chompies

Notable Chompies

Game Data

Health: 1 HP (1 HP) Damage methods:

  • Bite attack: 11 damage
Italicized text refers to values only present in Heroic Challenges.

Health: 1 HP (1 HP) Damage methods:

  • Bite attack: 5-8 damage

Health: 1 HP (1 HP) Damage methods:

  • Bite attack: 13-16 damage

Health: 1 HP (1 HP) Damage methods:

  • Bite attack: 24-27 damage

Health: 1 HP (1 HP) Damage methods:

  • Bite attack: 54-57 damage

Italicized text refers to values only present in Heroic Challenges.

Values may vary depending on location, difficulty, and/or other factors.

Regular Chompy Abilities

Chompies can lunge forward with their mouths completely open to bite, growling as a warning to the player. In Skylanders: Battlecast, regular green Chompies can imbue their fangs with poison to reduce their target's max health, and elect a Chosen Chompion to increase the attack of one in behalf of other Chompies on the team.

Chosen Chompion Poisoned Teeth - Special Ability
Chosen Chompioncard.png

Unobtainable (Common)
Give your active ally +20 power this turn for each Chompy.

Poisoned Teeth - Special Abilitycard.png

Unobtainable (Common)
When Chompy attacks, reduce the defender's max health by 20.

All Chompy enemies in Skylanders: Battlecast have base 40 power and 150 HP. This generally makes them easy to take down; however, the more active Chompies there are on a team, the more powerful their character spells become.



  • In a Story Scroll called "The History of Flight", it is said that despite the Drow having claimed to have invented balloons, it was actually a Chompy who came up with the idea. The Chompie drank 200 flasks of fizzy juice, inflated to 20 times its size and floated away, burping like mad.
  • In the console versions of Swap Force, the Chompies were given a more comical appearance. Their altered appearance are seen again in the 3DS version of Trap Team and SuperChargers: Racing.
    • In Imaginators, though they have their more common appearance, they have more wrinkles around their shoulders, legs and mouths.
  • Chompies are good at digging as seen in Skylanders: Lost Islands.
  • In Iron Jaw Gulch, regular Chompies wear pirate hats, eyepatches and hooks.
    • In the Arkeyan Crossbow Survival Arenas, they have suntan variants wearing sunglasses and floaties.
    • In one of the Sheep Wreck Island Survival Arenas, they have giant versions of some different species of Chompies.
    • In Chompygeddon challenges in Racing, an unfought type of Chompy can be rarely found; a large one with tiger stripes and a tail, resembling the evolved form of the Chompy villain.
  • In the Chunky Chompies survival arena in Skylanders: Swap Force, there is a glitch where using Dune Bug's Dune Ball abilities will cause the larger Chompies to freeze.
  • Chompies and Life Spell Punks are the only enemies that appear in every game.
  • Chompies were originally going to be part of the evilized enemies for Swap Force.
    • They were likely cut as evilization turns creatures purple, and purple Chompies already existed since the first game.
  • Although Chompy and the Chompy Mage are of the Life element, the Skystone for Chompies in Skylanders: Giants had indicated they were of the Earth element.
  • Their singular name "Chompy" is spelled incorrectly as "Chompie" in the Skylanders Official Annual 2013.
  • A Chompy can be seen in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 as graffiti, resembling its Swap Force design.
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