“Who better to find treasure than a chest with teeth?”
    —Villain Vault

Chomp Chest is a living treasure chest who is one of the trappable Earth villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is found on an isolated island in Monster Marsh disguising as an inanimate treasure chest. If approached, Chomp Chest will quickly reveal himself, initiating the battle. In the end, he is defeated, losing lots of treasure in the process, and is trapped afterwards.


Much like other voracious characters, Chomp Chest is never one to go hungry, although he prefers to devour treasure. Because of his endless appetite, he is rumored to be the Skylands Hot Dog-Eating Contest Champion. He is also one of the few villains who dislikes the Doom Raiders.


Chomp Chest can lunge forward and do a rapid biting attack, much like a Chompy. Also being a treasure chest, he stores large amounts of coins and gold, and can send a radar out to search for buried treasure and burrow underground to find it.

During his boss fight, he lunges at you twice before stopping to turn around. Hitting him with any attack causes him to drop money - so it is useful to use attacks that do little damage to "milk" him for money.


  • "This will be a SNAP!" - first appearance
  • "You can't handle the tooth!"

Trap Quotes

  • "You should put your money where my mouth is!"
  • "But I'm still hungrryyyyyy....!!" - when being trapped
  • "Why is there no treasure in here? I'm hungry!"
  • "Just give me treasure!"
  • "I'm no Chump Change, bank on it!"
  • "Chomp, chomp!"
  • "HUNGRY!.. For battle!"
  • "Back in a snap!"
  • "Does your cafeteria here serve... TREASURE?! Just asking..."
  • "...One more question. Where do you keep your... TREASURE?!"
  • "Must catch the Doom Raiders, can't let them take our treasure!"
  • "Chomp Chomp Chomp!"
  • "NOM NOM NOM!"
  • "Treasure Seeker!"
  • "Where's the treasure?!"
  • "Treasure!"
  • "Money hungry!"
  • "Took a bite out of crime! YEAH!"
  • "HUNGRY!"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "You're out a few dollars, Skylander. Good thing you've got a gotcha! in the corner!
  • "Time's up! No more gotchas from me!!" - Time Out
  • "Need to recharge for more gotchas." - No Timer
  • "Definately. NOT READY. For the gotcha."
  • "Tag me in! I'm fully charged, and fully HUNGRY!" - Full Timer
  • "Yeah, yeah! I love hot dogs almost as much as Treasure!" - Quest
  • "Ooh, plenty of space for gotchas!" - checking stats

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Chomp Chest's theme is Something Fishy, currently unavaliable in APM Music.


  • There is a money cheat involving Chomp Chest: go to Soda Springs, switch to Chomp Chest, and look for three X's to get up to 3000 gold.
  • He, Nightshade, and the Golden Queen are the only villains capable of producing money.
    • Coincidentally, he and the Golden Queen are both Earth Villains.
  • A glitch can occur where his mouth is closed when he talks during his introduction.
  • He, Sheep Creep, and Kaos all have longer timers than other villains.
  • His enemy counterpart only exists in Sunscraper Spire. But instead of chasing and biting Skylanders, this one has a built-in gun inside his mouth.
    • His enemy counterparts also exist in "A Fight to Remember" from Brock's Rumble Clubhouse.
  • He is voiced by Patrick Seitz, who also voices Hot Head, Rip Tide, and Thrillipede.
  • His quote "Took a bite out of crime! YEAH!" is based off of the famous catchphrase of McGruff the Crime Dog.
  • Chomp Chest most closely resembles a Mimic, a very old Dungeons and Dragons monster existing since the first edition (1977) that pretends to look like a treasure chest. Mimics or creatures similar to them can be found commonly in many computer games such as the Final Fantasy series, Terraria, Castlevania, Darks Souls or Chrono Trigger.
  • Chomp Chest gives out money when attacked. The amount of money he gives out will be equal to the amount of damage the attack dealt.
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