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“Was evil BEFORE it was cool.”
    —Villain Vault
“I Aim To Freeze!”
    —Chill Bill before fighting the Skylander

Chill Bill is an ice troll who is one of the trappable Water villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He was encountered at the Phoenix Psanctuary, freezing several birds with his freeze ray before fighting the Skylanders. Eventually, he was defeated and trapped. Aside from his villainous acts, he is the DJ for Troll Radio in both Trap Team and Skylanders: Imaginators


Chill Bill can use his freezing ray to stop an opponent in place and his jet pack to slow them down with an icy gust.

Battlecast Abilities

Surprisingly, in Skylanders: Battlecast, he is shown to have ice abilities even without his weaponry - possessing a chilling breath, conjuring claws of ice and his Chill Axe Gear, with the added ability to afflict enemies with various status conditions and take advantage of it accordingly. As well as his appearance as the boss of the Water Realm, he can be summoned by Snap Shot via trap Relic, using his powers to attack and mute enemies.

Chill Axe - Gear Biting Cold Iced!
Chill Axe - Gearcard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
When owner attacks, randomly snare, mute or subdue the active enemy.

Biting Coldcard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Deal 50 damage to every enemy. Subdue them.


Common (Unobtainable)
Chill Bill attacks a subdued, stunned or snared enemy.

Cold Feet - Special Ability
Cold Feet - Special Abilitycard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Snare a random enemy.


Story Quotes

  • "Freeze! Freeze! Hahahahaha! I aim to freeze!"

Trap Quotes

  • "What will become of Chill Bill?"
  • "Remember me, AS A HEROOOOOOO!"
  • "HEY! What's going on? It's kind of like I am now the one frozen! I do not appreciate this irony!"
  • "You can't do this to me! I'm Chill Bill, freezer of faces and a very important on-air personality."
  • "No prob, I can roll with anything. That's why they call me Chill Bill. That, and all the freezing I do."
  • "I aim to freeze! WHOA,WHOA,WHOA!!!"
  • "Cold front, coming in!"
  • "Time to cool things down a little!"
  • "Chill Bill in the mix!"
  • "Freeze!"
  • "We came, we saw, we froze some faces!"
  • "I should really get the Skaletones on my radio show. Not just to play music, but for their deep sociopolitical insight."
  • "You might find the Doom Raiders a little cool but... They're not. Trust me on this one. I didn't get the name Chill Bill for not knowing something about cool."
  • "Chill Bill is getting the vibe of this place. We could really do some renovating here, considering you don't have a radio nor an air refrigerator."
  • "...This is where you might want to bring in Chill Bill."
  • "I really enjoyed the freezing of faces, but for now, I must rest." - Time Out
  • "Well, that was nice, we should do that again sometime."
  • "Hold your horses there chief, Chill Bill needs a little me time." - No Timer
  • "Chill Bill is not charged up, if you know what I mean."
  • "*theme song in the background* Ooh yeah. Chill Bill is ready to go." - Full Timer
  • "*theme song in the background* Okie dokie, let's freeze some faces!"
  • "Oh yeah, I'd come back to radio in a heart beat. Put me in and I'll blow your mind!" - Quest
  • "Welcome to the Cold Front, ladies and gentlemen. I am your host, Chill Bill, and I'll be coolin' things down a little with all your favorite soft rock hits. Stay tuned." - Quest
  • "Chill Bill's looking mighty fine here!" - checking stats

Troll Radio Broadcasts

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Chill Bill's gonna put you on ice!" - Battle Introduction
  • "This fight just got a whole lot cooler."
  • "Gonna chill for a bit." - switching out
  • "Time for a cool off."
  • "Count me in!" - switching in
  • "Let's do this thing!"
  • "Oh yeah, looking very good." - rank up
  • "Chill Bill rising up the charts!"
  • "Pretty cool!" - Summoning a Gear
  • "I'm down with this."
  • "Well played!" - Summoning a Relic
  • "Time to be bad?" - randomly when playing spells
  • "Get a kick out of this!" - Cold Feet ability
  • "Oh, I should win a cold medal!"
  • "Stay frosty, everyone!"
  • "Chill on this!" - Biting Cold
  • "Time to chill... AXE!" - Chill Axe
  • "Gonna slice with some ice!"
  • "Now THIS is what I call frostbite!" - Iced!
  • "That was easy freezy." - KOed an enemy
  • "I aim to freeze!"
  • "That was cold blooded man..." - when defeated
  • "No matter what, I'm still cool!"
  • "All I wanted was to freeze some people...!" - defeat at the end of battle
  • "Chill Bill does not deserve this!"
  • "Victory is a dish best served cold!" - Victory
  • "Another win for Chill Bill!"
  • "Chill Bill here." - when poked
  • "Hey, Chill Bill is not liking your vibe, man."
  • "I think you'll need to chill out."
  • "Please, do not touch Chill Bill like that."
  • "Hello."
  • "What is it?"

Troll Radio Broadcasts

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Chill Bill's theme is Golden Swagger, from APM Music.

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  • Strangely, even if he's in a Trap or the Villain Vault, you can still hear him on the radio.
    • His Quest, The Cold Front, explains why he is still on the radio despite his capture.
  • When Trap Team was first revealed, his intro summoning quote was "Here comes, Mr. Ice Guy!".
  • Back when Trap Team was first revealed, his quote when being sucked into the vortex was originally said by Shrednaught.
    • He also originally said "Cold Front coming in!" in that time.
  • He shares a few similarities with Threatpack:
    • They are both Troll villains of the Water element.
    • They both have a jet-pack (although Chill Bill cannot fly).
    • They both have slight German accents.
    • They are the only two Villains who see themselves as "heroes".
    • When about to be trapped, neither of them say a line that tries to persuade the Portal Master into capturing them.
  • He is the second character with ice-based powers to be voiced by Billy West while Freeze Blade is the first.
    • Coincidentally, they are both of the Water element.
  • He is one of the two villains shown in the "Meet the Skylanders" videos (the other being Brawl & Chain).
    • Coincidentally, they are both of the Water element.
    • However, when the game shows he is trapped in the video, his image is not revealed until he enters the game.
  • His name is a reference to the 2003 film Kill Bill.
  • He is the only Water villain that doesn't appear as the final villain to be fought in a chapter.
  • While trapped, he will sometimes mention that he thinks the Academy is cool even though it doesn't have a radio. This is odd, considering the fact that there is a radio in the Academy. However, you have to progress through the game in order to use it.
  • His Villain Vault quotes references hipsters, who often say they "did things before they were cool".
  • Chill Bill is an AI racer in Skylanders: SuperChargers Sea Supervillain Cup, driving an unnamed vehicle made of ice crystals.
  • He and Pain-Yatta are the only two final bosses in the elemental realms of Skylanders: Battlecast who are not Doom Raiders.
    • Strangley enough, The Gulper, despite being a Doom Raider, does not appear in the game. Instead, Chill Bill takes his position.
  • Chill Bill is one of six Villains who do not try to persuade the Portal Master into capturing them, let alone being aware of their ultimate fate. (the others being The Gulper, Threatpack, Tae Kwon Crow, Lob Goblin, and Brawlrus).
  • He can charge up his freezing ray on a frozen enemy for one of the strongest attacks of the game. However, this will only work on real targets, and he is unable to charge on a training dummy.
  • Chill Bill frequently changes between refering to himself in the first or third person.
  • As heard in one of his BattleBrawl Island quotes, his real name is simply Bill, but he got the nickname from his freezing abilities.
  • Chill Bill breaks the fourth wall in one of his BattleBrawl island quotes.