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Chill is a cadet in the Skylanders Academy television show.


Season 1

Chill is a cadet that protects the Academy even before her graduation along with Ka-Boom and Snap Shot. As seen in Skylanders Unite! and Dream Girls, she frequently attends classes.

In the first episode, she is guarding the entrance to the Skylander Games with Ka-Boom and Snap Shot, but because of Kaos' freezing spell upon the Book of Skylanders, she is unable to stop them from escaping.

Chill is also briefly seen in The Skylands Are Falling!, selling some of her belongings at the Swap-Meet.

Season 2

In Belly of the Beast, Chill and the other cadets were paired with senior advisors from Team Spyro, with Chill pairing up with Eruptor. Cy soon came in with urgent news of the villain Fire Viper holding King Pen hostage at Arctic Isle, and Team Spyro and the cadets were tasked with rescuing him. While in the process of discussing the battle plan, the cadets didn't show any interest in Cy, showing hints of disliking him. During the mission fighting Fire Viper, the plan went awry, ending with Team Spyro, Cy, and the cadets being eaten alive by Fire Viper. Chill volunteered to cool down King Pen's temperature after the Sensei passed out from the villain's heated digestive tract. While Team Spyro went to search for a way out of the serpent's innards, Chill and the frustrated cadets began to blame Cy for their predicament, but they were reprimanded for their behavior by Bad Breath.

When Team Spyro returned, Chill and the cadets expressed their jealousy of Cy's easy ascension to Skylander status to their senior advisors. Spyro shared his experience of earning his Skylander status, and along with Stealth Elf, encouraged the cadets to give Cy and Bad Breath a chance to prove themselves. After escaping from Fire Viper's stomach, the cadets worked together with Bad Breath and Cy to defeat the villain.


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  • Despite being a cadet, Chill was incorrectly frozen (which is a little bit odd) along with the other Skylanders in Skylanders Unite!.[2]
  • As seen in her model turnaround[3], Chill appears to have no back hair, unlike early version of her Series 1 figure that show grey blonde hair.
  • Chill is the only character to have no known speaking lines in Season 1.
  • Ironically, Chill is voiced by Grey DeLisle in the show, the voice actress for Smolderdash in the games; who is also a first female Skylander, but of the opposite element. Though not of the opposite element, this also applies to Sprocket and Ninjini.
  • Just like her game counterpart, Chill speaks in a Russian accent.


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