The Chieftess is the lead elder of Woodburrow in Skylanders: Swap Force. She serves as a mother figure to Tessa.


The Chieftess is the elderly, but still quite the spunky leader of the Cloudbreak Islands. She is wise and commands both respect and love in a grandmotherly way.[1]


During her youth, the Chieftess performed strong magic, but that magic has since grown weak as she grew older with age. She now requires the assistance of another's magic to help her summon individuals.


The Chieftess, along with the Gillman Councillor and Yeti Councillor, were taken by the Greebles when Woodburrow was attacked. During captivity, the Chieftess was forced to tell Kaos the locations of where the Ancient Elementals resided, before she and her colleagues were rescued by the Skylanders in Cascade Glade.

During the Skylanders' travels, the Chieftess used her and the Skylanders' magic to summon Master Eon to Woodburrow, before tasking them to save the Elementals from Kaos' forces. When all the Elementals returned to Woodburrow, the Chieftess announced Tessa as her successor to lead Woodburrow. She was soon distraught when Tessa was kidnapped by Kaos' Mom and pleaded to the Skylander to save her. Once the Skylanders rescued Tessa and defeated Kaos, the Chieftess celebrated their victory along with the other villagers.



The Chieftess sees Tessa as a daughter figure, and couldn't bear to think what harm would come to her.


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