“Blech! This place is FILLED with toxic chemicals. You'll need to get rid of all the hazardous materials but, you can only destroy barrels when you're covered in their own toxic slime. I know. It's complicated. Anyway, take out the big barrels to change slime types and then nail all the little barrels of that same color. Then you should be fine, provided you take a long shower when it's all over.”

Chemical Cleanup is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Slam Bam in Spyro's Adventure. It uses a map similar in design to Leviathan Lagoon and requires 150 points to be earned by destroying colored barrels in under three minutes.

Each barrel is either blue, yellow, or green. Destroying a large barrel provides 5 points and changes the Skylander's color to the color of the destroyed barrel. Smaller barrels provide only 1 point and can only be destroyed when the Skylander is of their color. There are many Teleporters around the map to transport the Skylander to different sections, but these are also colored; they can only be used if the Skylander is of the same color.

It is important to note that smaller barrels have the odd property of reflecting projectiles, so it is wise to consider the location of larger barrels of a different color and if the Skylander is at risk of accidentally switching colors by hitting a larger barrel with a reflected projectile. Becoming a different color in such a way prevents some barrels from being destroyed, limiting the amount of points that can be earned. It may also trap the Skylander in the section that he or she is in, because he or she is a different color than that of the exit Teleporter.

The Skylander begins the Challenge on a small island with only a blue large barrel and a blue Teleporter. The Teleporter takes the Skylander to another small island with a large barrel, a Teleporter, and some surrounding smaller barrels - all of which are green. After clearing this island, the Skylander takes the Teleporter to arrive at a sort of junction island, with three differently-colored barrels with Teleporter counterparts. It is intended that the Skylander destroy the barrel of the color of the Teleporter that he or she wishes to use. The Skylander should not destroy all of these barrels at one time, because the Skylander will return here later.



  • Skylanders that can fly, swim, or float over water can do so here, but, since each of the sections are placed in a set order, it could inconvenience the Skylander because he or she may not be the right color to interact with certain things.

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