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“This Troll might be your servant outside this restaurant, but in my kitchen, you're all equally worthless!”
    —Chef Pepper Jack, Anger Mismanagement

Chef Pepper Jack is a villain who is a member of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders Academy television series.



Chef Pepper Jack is haughty and sarcastic, sacrificing others for the plans of the Doom Raiders without batting an eye unless their assistance is essential. He appears to be protective of Golden Queen, having gone as far as implying that outsiders have to mark appointments to speak towards her.


This is one cook whose Quick-fire Challenge might be taken too literally. A maestro of evil and cuisine, Pepper Jack whisks the two in spicy, explosive dishes that can be used to demolish a building... as well as your stomach! He was once the most famous chef in all of Skylands, but decided to use his culinary skills for crime. It'll take some powerful heroes, and even more powerful antacids, to take this Doom Raider down for good!


Chef Pepper Jack has knowledge of recipes to create unstable concoctions, that can be used as weapons or to incapacitate his opponents by giving them extremely painful indigestions. He can also fire red-hot beams from his egg beaters.


Season 1

Chef Pepper Jack first appeared in the episode The Hole Truth, as an inmate of Cloudcracker Prison alongside his fellow Doom Raiders, Wolfgang, Chompy Mage, Golden Queen, Broccoli Guy, and later Dreamcatcher (who first joins the Raiders in the episode). He followed the Queen's plan to manipulate Spyro, Eruptor, and Stealth Elf into sending the gang to the solitary confinement area of the prison called "The Hole" while Kaos distracted the guards, so they could combine their powers to create a wormhole and escape. Upon realizing their mistake, the Skylanders sent themselves to The Hole to stop the Doom Raiders from escaping, and though they were nearly stopped halfway through by the trio's freezing badges, Chef Pepper Jack kicked Kaos out of the wormhole to close it and escape.

Chef Pepper Jack reappeared with the rest of the Doom Raiders in Space Invaders as the group temporarily stayed in Kaos' Guest Castle.

He was later the primary antagonist of Anger Mismanagement. Pepper Jack ran a restaurant to hide his development of a dangerous chili that would keep the Skylanders down as he readied his burrito bombs to destroy the Academy. Though he escaped them for over a month while preparing his concoction and successfully stopped the Skylanders at the Chili Chomp Competition, Eruptor avoided his chili for unrelated reasons and was able to foil his plans by eating the bombs.

In The Skylands Are Falling!, he makes a brief appearance while making waffles with ketchup in an unknown kitchen, as the Skylanders predicted a future crime with the Evil-Scope and arrested him prematurely.

After being told about the Book of Dark Magic in Crash Landing, Pepper Jack attempts to infiltrate the Academy alone, an idea nearly every other Doom Raider had. Being discovered by the Skylanders while arguing, the group is thrown out, and returned to attack it with Kaossandra after Kaos dispatched the defenders. When Golden Queen attempted to steal the Book of Dark Magic to herself, however, Kaossandra used a powerful wave of dark magic to defeat them, forcing them to escape to the Falling Forest with their new member Kaos.

Season 2


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  • Chef Pepper Jack's skin, at least in the show, has the characteristics of a high-intensity chili pepper, instantly causing pain to the Chompy Puppet when it licks him.
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