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“For those who like their bad guys extra spicy.”
    —Villain Vault

Chef Pepper Jack, also known as Pepper Jack, is an anthropomorphic red pepper who is one of the Fire trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is part of a group of notorious villains called the Doom Raiders.

Character Development

Jeff Murchie drew a couple dozen character designs for Chef Pepper Jack before settling on the red hot chili pepper direction. He initially drew a lot of butcher knives and meat tenderizers as possible weapons for Pepper Jack but they felt too violent and not particularly funny. The hand-cranked egg beater Jeff added was the comedic element that the character needed.[1]


Pepper Jack has a fondness for making spicy, explosive dishes. Despite turning to evil, he stil holds his title as Skylands most renowned chef.


Chef Pepper Jack can hurl explosive peppers and can charge at opponents with his large egg beaters. He's been eating spicy food all his life giving him the ability to breathe fire. In Skylanders: Battlecast, as the boss of the Fire Realm, he can accumulate "heat" from peppers for stronger attacks.



Chef Pepper Jack was once the most renowned celebrity chef in all of Skylands – until he discovered ancient recipes for evil delicacies. That’s when he turned his thriving restaurant business into a formidable criminal empire. The scam was simple: he would fly his zeppelin fortress over a village and order the townsfolk to surrender all of their money. If they didn’t, he would promptly serve up a main course of spicy pepper bombs that would blow everything to smithereens! The Golden Queen valued both his explosive and non-explosive culinary skills and recruited him into the Doom Raiders at once. Now, when he’s not serving time in Cloudcracker Prison, he’s serving up atomic omelets of doom!

Skylanders: Trap Team

Chef Pepper Jack was freed from Cloudcracker Prison by Kaos along with the other remaining members of the Doom Raiders. Like his fellow Doom Raiders, the evil chef disapproved of Kaos's attempt to assume command over the group and was more willing to follow the Golden Queen's orders. Eventually, Chef Pepper Jack planned to capture the Phoenix Chicken at the Phoenix Psanctuary and use her eggs to create an omelet of doom to blow up Skylands. His plot was thwarted by both the Skylanders and Kaos (who secretly planned to sabotage the evil chef's plan in attempt to win over the Doom Raiders), but managed to steal one of the Phoenix Chicken's eggs.

The Skylanders made their way onto Pepper Jack's airship, Chef Zeppelin, to stop the evil chef from fulfilling his deed. In the heart of his massive oven, Pepper Jack engaged the Skylander in a battle, losing after a fiery struggle and became captured. The rehabilitated chef was then brought to Rainfish Riviera by the Skylanders to redeem himself with a Villain Quest provided by a Mabu chef named Galley, who was in a storage shed and explained to the heroes that the local pirates ransacked his supply of cheese needed to make his Cheese Souflé, so he requested Chef Pepper Jack to retrieve new cheese from the evil Stone Head guarding them in a tropical region of Skylands. Eventually, he completed his quest, and was given a new outfit and a treasure chest as the rewards.

Light in the Dark

Chef Pepper Jack was terrorizing a Mabu village with a group of Plant Warriors until the Light Trap Master, Knight Light arrived. Although in disbelief over the existence of the Light element, the Doom Raider sent his Plant Warriors to attack Knight Light, who defeated them with ease. Pepper Jack then engaged Knight Light in single combat, only to be bested.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Chef Pepper Jack returns in Skylanders: SuperChargers as a playable racer with his Toaster Bomber vehicle. When bested in his Boss Pursuit at the Calamity Canyon racetrack, Portal Masters will be able to race as him in Racing Mode with Pandergast.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Story Quotes

  • "Uh huh, E-XACTLY, Wolfgang! As a chief of great renown, I say P-U, P-U! However, I do like the chair."
  • "Mm mm mm. We meet again, Skylander. Hope you brought an appetite, because tonight on the menu, we servin' YOU! Serve you, as in goin' cook you as a dinner. Not serve you, as in present the food to ya, I can see how that would be confusin'. ANYWAY, let's spice things up!"
  • "Looks like you want it extra-extra spicy!"

Trap Quotes

  • "I guess YOU'RE the Portal Master Chef now!"
  • "Hot, hot, HOT SAUCE!!!!" - entering the game
  • "I don't know where I'm going, but I hope they got good barbe-CUUUUUUUUUUUUE!" - getting trapped
  • "So what'll it be, you want the appetizer or the main course?!"
  • "Well, well. Wonder what we got cookin' in here?" *sniffs* "Some with mustard? Mmm!" - when trapped
  • "Get it on!!" - When about to enter a level
  • "Let's get our grill on!!" - When about to enter a level
  • "Oyee! Get ya fire started!!" - Facing a batch of foes
  • "Let's fry these guys!"
  • "Let's get cookin'!"
  • "Let me pepper you with THIS!"
  • "Now THERE is someone I wouldn't mind invitin' to the barbecue!" - when collecting a Soul Gem
  • "I trained at a culinary academy pretty similar to this. Well, I guess I didn't so much train, as I did burn the place down! But still... mm mm mm....GOOD memories!"
  • "So I hear Flynn is all about the en-chi-ladas! I cook him up a batch, but I hope he like it SPICY!"
  • "I see you're a little low on health, Skylander. You just call in the Chef whenever!" - when Skylanders are low on health
  • "Ooh! Appreciate the kind words there partner! And I'd be much obliged to pitch in here." - Quest

Media Quotes

  • "A Trap? Now, that's got some kick!"
  • "This pepper just got stuffed!"

Skylanders: SuperChargers

  • "It's over for you! I guar-an-tee!"
  • "Eat my spicy dust!"
  • "Time to feel my heat!"
  • "Taste my speed!"
  • "I cooked up something special for ya!"
  • "Ooh, you just left a bad taste in my mouth!"

Battlecast Quotes

  • "Bringing the heat!" - Battle Introduction
  • "Pepper time!" - swapping in
  • "Hot off the grill!"
  • "To the backburner!" - swapping out
  • "Let's cool off!"
  • "Now we cookin'!" - rank up
  • "Hotter than hot!"
  • "Red hot!" - Summoning a Gear
  • "Scorchin'!"
  • "Well done!" - Summoning a Relic
  • "Serve it up!"
  • "Sizzlin'!" - randomly when playing spells
  • "Order up!" - Pepper Poppers
  • "Pepper blast!"
  • "Must've been something I ate...!" - Ragin' Cajun/Southern Hot-Spit-Ality(?)
  • "Now that's some heartburn!"
  • "Extra spicy!" - Spice Things Up
  • "Just how I like it!"
  • "Looks like you're done!" - KOed an enemy
  • "I'm on fire here!"
  • "I just got served!" - when defeated
  • "Whoa, check, please!"
  • "That leaves a bad taste...!" - defeat at the end of battle
  • "That didn't go so good."
  • "Seasoned to perfection!" - Victory
  • "Today's special... Victory!"
  • "Now just a minute here!" - when poked
  • "Say what?!"
  • "Better stop now, I say!"
  • "You playin' with fire!"
  • "Oh boy."
  • "Heh heh."

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Chef Pepper Jack's theme is Mexican Chase, also used for his boss battle, from APM Music.

Character Trailer


Official Skylanders Trap Team- "Meet the Villains- Chef Pepper Jack" Trailer



  • He is the third chef in the series, after Batterson and Ghost Roaster.
  • There are also other chefs in Skylanders: Trap Team; Pot Roast, Cookie, Pumpernickel, Bernie, Cornichon, Tar Tar, and Galley, although they are minor characters.
  • One of the things he says is a reference to the television series "Masterchef".
  • As an Evolved Villain, his stat menu and the Wii U on the gamepad have a glitch in the game to where it shows him in his white outfit.
  • He is one of four villains who, upon being captured in a trap, vaguely reference the smell of mustard (the others are Tussle Sprout, Chompy Mage, and Blaster-Tron).
  • His final concept design shows him carrying a yellow pepper in his left hand, but in-game the pepper is gone altogether.
  • Chef Pepper Jack speaks with a Cajun accent.
    • This makes sense, as he is a Cajun pepper.
  • The head that is featured in Chef Pepper Jack's Villain Quest bares a strong resemblance to the Stone Heads from an earlier chapter in Trap Team, Know-It-All Island.
  • He and The Gulper are the only Doom Raiders to be the first captured of their element.
  • He is voiced by Darin De Paul, who also voices the Water SkylanderGill Grunt.


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