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The Chattering Key is a living, talking artifact that only appeared in The Machine of Doom story novel. It is used to unlock the tomb in the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contains the Machine of Doom, but was guarded by a giant stone statue of a Wyvern called Fido.


The Chattering Key, hence its name, acted as a talking alarm for its guardian, Fido, to destroy any thieves who made attempts to steal the key. Spyro devised a plan for Gill Grunt, Boomer, and Eruptor to confuse Fido enough for the young dragon to swipe the Key. However, Kaos had captured Flynn and forced the Skylanders to give the tyrant the Chattering Key in exchange for Flynn's safety. The evil Portal Master then used the Chattering Key to unlock a tomb to the Pyramid of Just Rewards he summoned, therefore fulfilling its role. As Kaos entered the Pyramid of Just Rewards, the Chattering Key reluctantly helped the Skylanders get into the pyramid through the other side.

It is unknown what happened to the Chattering Key when the Pyramid crumbled to pieces, but it is presumed that the key was buried in the debris.

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