The Cave of Gold is a challenge area in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It is a vault of riches that Golden Queen kept even more hidden than her original lair in The Golden Temple. It is guarded by Cyclopses, with some that have absorbed gold onto themselves not unlike the villainous statue and become Non-Elemental, stronger and harder to hit.

At the end of ever floor, the Doom Raider herself attacks in her giant form, using two turrets of different elements. This dungeon only allows three entries a day, possibly because the Queen can prevent further raids for a time; however, even in failed missions, the player can leave with great amounts of gold compared to regular Adventure mode.




  • The Cave of Gold, Meditation Woodland and the Guild Invasions are the only missions that cannot be entered to edit teams once the limit is over, unlike in Realm of Souls where you're allowed to enter as long as there are Skylanders with any health or recovered with Gems, or other areas when there isn't enough currency.
  • In rare occasions, Golden Queen will also be extra gilded, indicating the run will wield greater amounts of treasure. This appearance comes from Skylanders: Trap Team, where unlike her normal giant form in this game, has no gems in her acessories or crown.
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