The Capybara King is a recurring Heroic Challenge character. He had always been a celebrated ruler. So much so, that the famous Gecko Chorus wrote a catchy tune as an ode to their great king, and began to sing it nonstop.[1]

In the Heroic Challenge S.A.B.R.I.N.A., the Capybara King and the Gecko Chorus were captured and locked up by an evil sorceress named Sabrina, who couldn't stand their singing. Luckily, the Skylanders weren't far behind, and the Geckos and the King were rescued.

In the Heroic Challenge The King's Breech, he was about to deliver a speech to his subjects, but before he could do so, his castle was attacked by a small Arkeyan army. When he sent out Mabu soldiers to collect cannonballs to defend the castle, they were all captured. The Skylander is tasked to free the soldiers and fire the cannons at the Arkeyan Shield Juggernauts.

The Capybara King reappared in Skylanders: Trap Team as part of Pain-Yatta's villain quest.


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