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Captain Grimslobber is the main antagonist of Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master. He is the captain of the Fearsome Fang, a feared pirate ship, and his crew were the toughest bunch of bucaneers no one would want to meet.

Grimslobber was so good at pirating that he didn’t just have one wooden leg; he had two. He didn't just have one gold tooth; he had a mouthful. He even didn't just have one parrot; he had an entire flock of them.


When a Cloud Kraken was about to destroy the Fearsome Fang, and take the pirate crew and the Water Skylanders, Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell down with it, Grimslobber emerged on deck and the Cloud Kraken mysteriously turned tail and fled upon the sight of him. Although Gill Grunt didn't want any trouble with Grimslobber and his band of pirates, Zap unintentionally asked them about a treasure one of the pirates accidentally blurted out, prompting the seemingly friendly Grimslobber to surround the Water Skylanders with his crew and attack them. Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell fought against the pirates and narrowly escaped the Fearsome Fang into the safety of the sea, leaving Grimslobber to swear vengeance.

When the merfolk of the Mer People Kingdom, and Wham-Shell, had fallen under a spell, it was revealed that Grimslobber was using the Fish Master's Crown, an artifact that allows the wearer to have control over any creature of the sea. With it, he was able too control the merpeople and use them to haul out gem-eels and ship them to the surface where Grimslobber would become rich. Grimslobber had caused the docile Cloud Kraken to attack Deep Water Wasteland, and also put Wham-Shell under his control as his guard, but was unable to control Zap due to the water dragon having been born above the sea. The evil captain soon had Gill Grunt under his control and ordered the Gillman to dig for more gem-eels. Grimslobber's plan backfired when Gill Grunt managed to free himself from the curse with Zap's help.

During the confusion, Grimslobber loses his hold on the Crown after Wham-Shell was free from the curse and freed the gem-eels, and the crown shattered into two pieces, fully freeing the merfolk. As the pirate captain made a hasty retreat, Gill Grunt hung onto the diving bell Grimslobber was in and cronfronted the captain and his crew on board the Fearsome Fang. With the help of the freed merfolk, Zap, Wham-Shell, and even Spyro, the Gillman bested Grimslobber and his pirate crew.

Defeated, Grimslobber claimed that he would change his ways here on out, but it was all a trick to lower the Skylanders' guard as he pointed a pistol at Gill Grunt. The attempt failed when the merfolk tilted the Fearsome Fang, knocking Grimslobber off-balance. Gill Grunt attempted to save the pirate captain (who couldn't swim) from falling overboard, only for the Cloud Kraken to emerge from the sea and swallow Grimslobber whole.



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