“See what the buzz is all about.”
    —Villain Vault

Buzzer Beak is a miniature bird who is one of the Air villains in Skylanders: Trap TeamHe had set up an ambush on an isolated island around Know-It-All Island by using a Legendary Treasure to lure the Skylanders into his trap. In the end, Buzzer Beak, along with other Buzzer Beaks, Plant Warriors, and Tussle Sprouts, were defeated and he was trapped. In Skylanders: Battlecast, he attempts to stop the Skylanders from reaching Dreamcatcher at the Air Realm.


Buzzer Beak can extend his helicopter blades to attack enemies around him and divebomb into enemies with his behind.

Battlecast Abilities

In Skylanders: Battlecast, he can also charge at enemies with the spike at the top of his hat, and summon a gale of spikes and blades. Buzzer Beak is dangerous in that he can repeatedly damage enemies with his character cards and ability.

Buzzer Beak has 250 HP and 40 power at base level.

Dodging Dive Power Chopper Buzzer Blast - Special Ability
Dodging Divecard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Buzzer Beak attacks a random sideline enemy.

Power Choppercard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Slice each enemy for 60. Give them -60 power until your next turn.

Buzzer Blast - Special Abilitycard.png

Common (Unobtainable)
Blast a frontline enemy for 20 damage.

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Buzzer Beak's theme is Animal Carnival, from APM Music.

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  • During development, his original name was going to be Bird Copter. This instead became the name of his species, as mentioned by Buzz in Phoenix Psanctuary.
  • Buzzer Beak is one of the few trappable villains who doesn't talk (others being Bone Chompy, Sheep Creep, Grinnade, and Chompy).
    • However, like Sheep Creep and Grinnade in Battlecast, they taunt or show emotions with a variety of noises.
  • Buzzer Beak shares some similarities to Digit from Cyberchase. Both are purple birds with helicopter-related abilities.
  • He shares a striking resemblance to Beat from Mega Man.
  • Buzzer Beak is the only bird villain that isn't fought near the end of a chapter.
    • He is also the only bird villain who can't speak, only squawk.
  • His name may have been a reference to Buzzsaw and Laserbeak, two Decepticon birds from the G1 Transformers franchise.
  • According to Knight Mare's quest in Lost Islands, it is believed that a deck of Buzzer Beak Skystones is ideal for dueling. This is proven false by Knight Mare.
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