“An unearthed relic returning to glory!”
    —Vehicle Collection

The Buzz Wing is Thrillipede's signature vehicle in Skylanders: SuperChargers. Buzz Wing is Thrillipede’s famous fighter plane. After heroically blasting over 300 enemy jets in the Great Greeble War, it was put on display in the Millipede Museum. But with Kaos on the loose again, it’s back in action and ready for more!


Performance Mods

  • Monarch Lifters
  • Forest Patched Wings
  • Beetle Shell Blast Plates
  • Bumble Buzzers

Specialty Mods

  • Butterfly Flappers
  • Dragon Dasher
  • Beetle Tune-up
  • The King Bee

Horn Options

  • Cricket Crackler
  • Mantis Clack
  • Grasshopper Honker
  • Ant Alarm

Character Trailer

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Buzz Wing - Stealth Stinger
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Instant Stealth Stinger - Nitro Stealth Stinger
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