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Buzz is a Mabu veteran who first appeared in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is the legendary Skylanders trainer and the head of security and secret ninja commando operations at Skylanders Academy.


Buzz is a respected figure, having trained many Skylanders throughout the years, which resulted with the heroes he trained holding high regard of him. He can be a jolly fellow, but in times of great crisis, Buzz takes on a serious militant role, and will call out even his friends on their oversights.


Skylanders: Trap Team

At the start of the story, Buzz was overseeing the ceremony that would open the Skylanders Academy when a large fragment of Cloudcracker Prison landed in Soda Springs. He instructed the bystanders to stay put, while he and Skylanders check out what was happening. Once Sheep Creep and The Gulper were detained and captured, Buzz discovered that Cloudcracker Prison was destroyed and the Mabu elder helped the Skylanders on their quest to recapture the villains that escaped the prison, including the Doom Raiders.

Buzz later assembled the Mabu Defense Force to help the Skylanders at Chompy MountainMystic Mill, and Operation: Troll Rocket Steal. Buzz also has Villain Quests for Buzzer Beak at the Phoenix Psanctuary, Bone Chompy during Operation: Troll Rocket Steal, Smoke Scream at The Ultimate Weapon, and Luminous at Sunscraper Spire. Buzz also accompanied the Skylanders to get past the Midnight Museum's Spyclopter security to prevent the Dark Doom Raider, Nightshade, from using the Dark Eye of Unvisibility to steal everything in Skylands. Buzz also offers the Skylanders a game of Skystones Smash behind a Combat Gate after defeating the enemy counterpart of the villain, Chomp Chest at Sunscraper Spire.

Return of the Dragon King

When Malefor began his attack on the Skylander Academy, Buzz was one of the attendees who attempted to protect the school. However the evil dragon was able to breach the Academy, defeating the remaining Skylanders until Spyro, Cynder, Hex and Wallop arrived to stop Malefor.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

With the threat of Kaos and The Sky Eater, Buzz once again lent his assistance to the Skylanders in their quest to save Skylands. Buzz ordered a Greeble dispenser from the Minions Monthly Catalog prior to the events of Skylanders: SuperChargers to test how much damage the Skylanders' attacks were doing. When Glumshanks was dropped off at Skylanders Academy by Whiskers after being fired by Kaos, the Mabu headmaster became suspicious of the Troll's arrival, but backed off when Glumshanks gave a Legendary Treasure as a peace offering, allowing him to stay. Buzz also has specialized quests for each of the SuperChargers and their Vehicles.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Buzz returns as an instructor in Skylanders Academy by providing the Skylanders with training dummies to help practice their moves. He also initiates battles at BattleBrawl Island, unless replaced by a character for a sidequest.



Though the pilot was distrustful of Buzz when they first met, the old trainer led him and the Skylander with excitement in their travels all the same, and was glad to see his new ally warm up to him later on.


Buzz and Thrillipede worked together since before the latter was made a Skylander, and have worked together in several missions. The Mabu seems proud of the millipede's exploits and is happy to talk about their stories, and even suggests Thrillipede could become a secret ninja commando if he wanted to.


Though not too familiar with Splat's abilities, Buzz jokes about them to lighten up the mood, much to the faun's confusion.




  • Buzz shares Flynn's love for enchiladas.
  • It is hinted in Trap Team that Buzz is implied be the father of Flynn, despite them both not knowing of this relationship. They share similar features, and in the Skylanders Academy, when talking to Flynn after completing Monster Marsh, he explains how he has never met his father but describes him as a trainer of the Trap Team.
    • Cali mentions that there was something familiar about Buzz, due to him having similar personality traits to Flynn.
      • In SuperChargers, Kaos makes the same observation when noticing something familiar about Buzz, something he doesn't like.
        • Alex Ness eventually confirms in 2021 that Buzz is Flynn's father.[1]
  • He has a habit of reappearing in areas ahead of the Skylanders using his secret ninja commando skills.
  • In Calamity City, Buzz is seen among the row of residents who may become king of Calamity City after the Skylanders liberate the town.
  • Despite it being "not PC", Buzz loves Cap'n Cluck's King-Sized Chicken and coerces the Skylander into defending an area where it is produced in one of Brain's Missions.
  • Buzz is voiced by Travis Willingham, who also voices Doom Stone, Eye-Brawl, Fisticuffs, and Count Moneybone.


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