Bucktooth the Tiny is a Nightmare Pirate Henchman and one of the Nightmare Villains in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team. During his downtime from being a Nightmare Villain, Bucktooth is actually the lead singer for well-known band Purple Nightmare Funk Parade.

Nightmare Pages

  • "Bucktooth often thinks about branching out. One day, he wants to plant his own little evil empire, watch it grow until it blossoms, and then serve up the sweetest, juiciest fruit of evil anyone has ever seen."
  • "Bucktooth's unusual sword is actually made of the peg leg and hook of a pirate who made fun of his hair. The pirate learned the hard way that plants are very sensitive about their hairdos."
  • "In his spare time, Bucktooth is actually the lead singer for the band "Purple Nightmare Funk Parade." They plan to go on their Nightmare Tour right after the Dream Sheep takes over Skylands."
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