Bubba Greebs are large mutated Evilized Greebles that first appeared in Skylanders: Swap Force. One Bubba Greebs served as Kaos' Mom's pet and is a mini-boss in Motherly Mayhem.


Skylanders: Swap Force

One Bubba Greebs was enlisted as one of Kaos' Mom's minions to help Kaos take over the Cloudbreak Islands. He was later summoned by Kaos' Mom to deal with Tessa while the Skylanders fought with the evil Portal Master. Eventually, Bubba Greebs faced the Skylanders himself but fell to their might.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Several Bubba Greebs are seen as spectators on Battlebrawl Island and the Ridepocalypse Demo Derby.



  • One Bubba Greebs is also seen in the audience during BattleBrawl Island arena challenges in Skylanders: Imaginators.
  • In artwork, a Bubba Greebs is shown in the middle of a skirmish, implying that at some point this enemy would've been used in regular levels.
Swap Force

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