“Give him a big hand. Or two.”
    —Villain Vault

Bruiser Cruiser is a troll who is one of the playable Tech villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. This former troll-boxing champion has a wicked one-two punch... and a very large mech suit that mimics his every move.

Upon sighting the Skylanders, Bruiser Cruiser pilots his mech suit and throws two Troll Warriors towards the Skylander's path. He is encountered behind a fenced wall shortly after the Skylanders drove away the Chompy Mage. Despite his mech suit assisting him, Bruiser Crusier was brought down and trapped.


  • "Let's get it on!"
  • "Time for some pummeling!"
  • "Come on, Skylander, put 'em up!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Oh come on, just give me a rematch!"
  • "Is it too late to say I'm sorrrryyyyyyyy...! Huh."
  • "Where am I, over? Wherever it is, this isn't over... over."
  • "Just so long as I can punch something, I'm happy."
  • "Time to punch IIIIIINNNNN!"
  • "Roger that!"
  • "The winner by a knockout, Bruiser Cruiser!"
  • "You got the 411 on this, Skylander?"
  • "I can't believe I got to meet the Skaletones! I've been listening to them on the radio forever!"
  • "Nice little place! I'm guessing it's not cool to punch stuff here huh?"
  • "Did you capture Chompy Mage? A-and his puppet too? That's the one you should watch out for!"
  • "Roger that good buddy. You've got Bruiser Cruiser on the horn here." - Quest

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Bruiser Cruiser's theme is Check My Crib, from APM Music.

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  • Unlike his promotional artwork, Bruiser Cruiser doesn't possess boxing gloves in the game.
  • He does, however, possess them in Ring of Heroes.
  • His quote when being sucked into the trap is the same as Slobber Trap's.
  • His name is based on the phrase "Cruising for a Bruising"
  • He often uses trucker lingo for his dialogue.
  • Bruiser Cruiser doesn't appear in the Villains section of the Trap Team Strategy Guide for reasons unknown.
  • Bruiser Cruiser shares a few similarities with Jawbreaker:
    • They are both of the Tech element.
    • They are introduced in Trap Team.
    • They both have punch-related abilities.
    • They both have gears on their backs (in Bruiser Cruiser's case, his contraption has gears at its rear, like Jawbreaker does).
  • After a Skaletones Showdown, Bruiser Cruiser will say "Troll with the punches". This is a play on the term "Roll with the punches", which, coincidentally, is the official catchphrase of the Undead SWAP Force Skylander, Night Shift.
  • He is the only villain in Chompy Mountain than isn´t of the Life Element.
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