This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the villain canon to the main storyline.

“Well, my true super power is the ability to heal. But in a situation like this, my role is served best as the gang's support system. Ha ha ha... Go, team, go!
    —Broccoli Guy,The Hole Truth

Broccoli Guy is a villain who is a member of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders Academy.



Broccoli Guy is bland and does not know when to stop talking, apparently unaware of how his attitude bothers people. Oddly, the Doom Raiders take turns in insulting him, which appears to help clear the mood.


If you think you hate broccoli now, wait until you meet it in talking, floating, extremely annoying form. As a member of the Doom Raiders, Broccoli Guy is much like the vegetable he’s made of — bland, tough to swallow, and always there when you don’t want him to be. But lucky for Golden Queen and her followers, he also, like Brocolli, comes with health benefits: his invaluable healing powers always come in handy for the Doom Raiders after a battle with the Skylanders. Broccoli Guy should probably thank his lucky stars he has this gift, because his boring stories, lame jokes, and downer disposition drive his teammates crazy. The only thing that might make him more tolerable? Maybe, dipping him in some ranch dressing.


Broccoli Guy possesses healing magic and can use telekinesis with his staff, though the extent of his abilities is unknown. He also has great knowledge of non-sentient broccoli cultivation, down to discovering how to create dangerously pungent strains on his own.


Season 1

Broccoli Guy made his first appearance incarcerated in Cloudcracker Prison along with the other Doom Raiders, despite his ability to pass through his cell's bars. Notably, Dreamcatcher was allowed into the team during their excercise hours, as she insulted him before even introducing herself.


Broccoli Guy (Skylanders Academy)/Gallery


  • In the Skylanders Academy continuity, Broccoli Guy is a member of the Doom Raiders, while his canonical game counterpart, he is a regular villain unrelated to the gang.


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