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“Well, my true super power is the ability to heal. But in a situation like this, my role is served best as the gang's support system. Ha ha ha... Go, team, go!
    —Broccoli Guy,The Hole Truth

Broccoli Guy is a villain who is a member of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders Academy. Though usually the healer, he hides much more sinister powers within his magical staff.



Broccoli Guy is bland and does not know when to stop talking, apparently unaware of how his attitude bothers people. Oddly, the Doom Raiders take turns in insulting him, which appears to help clear the mood.

When absorbing great amounts of elemental energies, Broccoli Guy becomes much more scheming, cruel and confident, acting as malevolent as his teammates.


If you think you hate broccoli now, wait until you meet it in talking, floating, extremely annoying form. As a member of the Doom Raiders, Broccoli Guy is much like the vegetable he’s made of — bland, tough to swallow, and always there when you don’t want him to be. But lucky for Golden Queen and her followers, he also, like Brocolli, comes with health benefits: his invaluable healing powers always come in handy for the Doom Raiders after a battle with the Skylanders. Broccoli Guy should probably thank his lucky stars he has this gift, because his boring stories, lame jokes, and downer disposition drive his teammates crazy. The only thing that might make him more tolerable? Maybe, dipping him in some ranch dressing.


Broccoli Guy possesses healing magic and can use telekinesis with his staff. He also has great knowledge of non-sentient broccoli cultivation, down to discovering how to create dangerously pungent strains on his own. His staff also has the ability to absorb the elemental powers of other creatures and objects, which in turn increases his size and magical power. When empowered by elemental magic, he can also use eye beams.


Season 1

Broccoli Guy made his first appearance incarcerated in Cloudcracker Prison along with the other Doom Raiders, despite his ability to pass through his cell's bars. Notably, Dreamcatcher was allowed into the team during their excercise hours, as she insulted him before even introducing herself.

Under the orders of the Golden Queen to take advantage of Spyro, Eruptor and Stealth Elf's behavior, Broccoli Guy and the other Doom Raiders attacked them repeatedly, causing all of them to be sent to The Hole along with Kaos. There, while the other villains opened the wormhole with their powers, the broccoli wizard stood back to cheer, and though the three Skylanders arrived just in time and attempted to stop the gang, they were too late to keep them from escaping the prison.

In Space Invaders, now stationed at Kaos' Guest Castle, the Doom Raiders kept harassing their healer, but they took offense when Kaos used poor insults at him.

In Beard Science, Broccoli Guy attempted to sneak in pungent strains of broccoli inside Skylanders Academy's classrooms, and is stopped by Master Eon's magical beard. He is later on seen wandering the nearby town, looking for a way to improve his looks.

In The Skylands Are Falling!, Broccoli Guy is arrested by the Skylanders in his broccoli farm, as they used the Evil-Scope to predict he would later attempt a grand theft auto. Ironically, when the evil imbalance was fixed by Spyro, Broccoli Guy attempted to cross the street at the wrong light and was ran over by an unseen vehicle.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Broccoli Guy was decieved by the other Doom Raiders into thinking they would go into the beach rather than infiltrate the Academy, and followed after them as they tried to sneak in individually. However, they were defeated by the stationed Skylanders and cadets, and had to join forces with Kaossandra and Kaos to sucessfully attack it. In that second attempt, after betraying the female sorceress to steal the Book of Dark Magic, they were driven out by her blasts of dark magic and took shelter on the Falling Forest with their new member, Kaos.

Season 2

In I Dream of Ninjini, Broccoli Guy was the first to hold the genie bottle after the Doom Raiders trapped Ninjini, and as she explained her terms, he accidentally wished for a friend, getting a pet rock but wasting the team's first wish. However, due to Kaos and Glumshanks' intervention, the group had no wishes left and were soon thrown away by the genie.

In Thankstaking for the Memories, Broccoli Guy was assigned to help Chef Pepper Jack in cooking the main course, but had no coordination to even cut a carrot. When the meal was finally ready however, the vegetable wasted everyone's time by trying to list all the stolen objects he was thankful for, and without the group knowing, let the Thankstaking sheep escape.

In Elementary, My Dear Eruptor, Broccoli Guy is the main antagonist. Kaos requests a servant, which turns out to become Broccoli Guy. The dark sorcerer reluctantly allows the sentient vegetable take this role, while it seems that something is going on between Broccoli Guy and Golden Queen. When Kaos stubs his toe, Broccoli Guy heals it with his powers, and he says he can transfer his powers to Kaos if he first gathers the powers of all eight elements in his staff. Kaos, eager to have healing abilities, goes along with it. First, Broccoli Guy drains the earth on which the Skylanders Academy sheep herd grazes of it's power. He and Kaos then move on to a swamp in the Falling Forest, where the water essence is absorbed.

While consuming more power, Broccoli Guy grows bigger, his voice gets deeper, and he becomes less of a doormat, much to Kaos' dismay. Not long after, Broccoli Guy finally spills the beans to Kaos that he was actually out for this position so he could get to know the location of Kaossandra's castle for Golden Queen. Kaos mocks the broccoli wizard, saying that Kaossandra would only entrust Glumshanks with this information. This prompts Broccoli Guy to go to Campus Town to seek out the troll, get the location of the castle, and also absorb the Life essence of him. He is, however, soon stopped by Kaos and Eruptor. After turning his attention to the latter, to consume his fire energy, he is then attacked by the rest of Team Spyro, as well as master Eon. This drains him of his power, shrinking him back to his normal self, but weaker. By the end of the episode, Kaos orders him to be stay his lackey, and tell him all of Golden Queen's secrets while allowing the sorcerer to leave the team in secret.


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  • In the Skylanders Academy continuity, Broccoli Guy is a member of the Doom Raiders, while his canonical game counterpart, he is a regular villain unrelated to the gang.


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