Bringing Order to Kaos! is the last story level in Skylanders: Giants where the Skylanders face Kaos in his Arkeyan form to stop him from taking over Skylands with his Arkeyan army.


  • Stop Kaos

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Arc of Faith
    • Element: Water
  • The Bomb Hole
    • Element: Unknown
  • Arkeyan Foyer
    • Element: Unknown
  • Secret Alcove
    • Element: Unknown
  • The Machinery
    • Element: Unknown
  • Observation Platform
    • Element: Unknown
  • Arkeyan Well
    • Element: Unknown
  • Arkeyan Vault
    • Element: Unknown
  • Hall of the Ancients
    • Element: Unknown
  • Crumbling Vista
    • Unknown
  • Hall of Archives
    • Unknown
  • Stone Cutter's Vault
    • Unknown
  • Arkeyan Throneroom

New Enemies


Legendary Treasure

  • Dragon Masthead

Soul Gem


  • Scrumshanks Hat - +7 Critical Hit +7 Elemental Power
  • Rasta Hat - +4 Speed, +10 Critical Hit


  • The reason there is an Avalanche button is because Arkeyans celebrated their surprise birthdays by dumping a bunch of rocks and pieces of the ceiling on them while yelling "Surprise!" According to Arkeyans, there was no better way to celebrate one's birthday, hence the button.[1]
  • In the game's Alpha, there was an extra phase to Giant Robo Kaos' chase sequence where he blocked the corridor's path with his arms and lasers, but it was removed for unknown reasons.


  1. Skylanders: Giants Strategy Guide - Burning Questions!, page  223
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