Brimstone & Boulders are two elemental opponents that appear in the Battlebrawl Island arena. Brimstone is also known as the Fired-Up Frontman while Boulders is also called the Percussion Pounder.


In order for the Skylander to get to Spellslamzer, they must first defeat two opponents in Battlebrawl Island, the first of the two a duo of machines, one is named the Fired-Up Frontman while the other is named Percussion Pounder. They fought the Skylander, though despite their efforts, they were easily defeated.

Boss Battle

This boss is a three stage boss. In the first phase, the Fired-Up Frontman will battle the Skylander. It mostly attacks by launching out streams of flames from its hands. Throughout the battle field, rocks will continuously fall.

After losing one third of HP, the Fired-Up Frontman will retreat back on a platform and the Percussion Pounder will drop down to fight the Skylander, it attacks by pounding both of its hands to the ground and creating a large shockwave from around it self, during the battle fireballs from the sides of the arena will be launch out to damage the Skylander.

After being left with a third of health, the Percussion Pounder will retreat back to its platform, and after a while both the Fired-Up Frontman and the Percussion Pounder will fight the Skylander side by side with flamethrowers and shockwaves, all the while both kinds of stage hazards (the falling rocks and fireballs) will happen at the same time.


  • Brimstone & Boulders bear a resemblance to Geargolems.
  • Brimstone & Boulders are the first and only duo bosses in Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • If both the Fired-Up Frontman and the Percussion Pounder are considered as separate bosses, then they have the least amount of health in the game.
  • The Fired-Up Frontman has a set of guitar strings on its chest, which he strums wildly like an electric guitar.
  • The Percussion Pounder has no digits on his hands like the tip of the drumsticks that he use to bang on his chest as if he's drumming. His hat resembles to a cymbal.

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