“Unleash the monkeys!”
    —Brawler Doomlander's catchphrase

The Brawler Doomlander is a boss in Skylanders: Imaginators. He is the Doomlander fought in the Mushroom River.

The Brawler Doomlander attacks with the Bruiser attack. When his arm guards are broken, Kaos helps him by giving the Wave Fist Secret Technique. Later, when his shoulder guards are destroyed, Kaos summons bug-spawning huts to assist the creature.


  • Early in development, he was known as Brain; possibly before the actual character was added to the game.[1]
  • The Brawler, Quickshot and Swashbuckler are the only Doomlanders that cannot be remade into Imaginators.
    • The Brawler's reasoning for this is because he is given the stature of a Ninja, which is the only class that contains a head without a body. During development, Quickshots also had this body type, but it is unknown why it was used for a Brawler.



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