Boom Town is the main hub world in the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force. It serves as Flynn's hometown, and the Mabu who reside there strongly praise him for his 'heroism'; so much that they believe the Skylanders are Flynn's 'sidekicks'.

While undergoing a celebration for Flynn and his 'heroics', Boom Town came under attack by Count Moneybone and his army of Clockwork robots until the Skylanders were able to repel them. Afterwards, the Skylanders return to the town after each mission in an attempt to breach through Moneybone's transportation coffin and additional areas are unlocked. Characters from each chapter came to reside in Boom Town in various sections of the docks as the Mabu workers expanded them, including Persephone, the Water Dragon, the Ferryman and the Giant Tiki. It also has a museum, where Information works.


  • The first day of Spring in Boom Town is known as Flynn Day.
  • Like the Eternal Archives, Boom Town is one of the few places with its own Portal of Power, stationed at the docks.
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