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    —Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Game description
“When they shake, run for cover!”
    —Wii game description

Boom Fiends are gremlin-like enemies that carry bombs. When approached, they will run at the Skylander all the while laughing maniacally. When they get close enough, the Fiends will light the fuse on the bombs they're holding and quickly attempt to explode on the Skylander. If successful, the explosion will inflict a lot of damage, and the Boom Fiends will destroy themselves in the process.

They also appeared in the Ground Defense online Skylanders minigame.


  • In Skylanders: Giants, there is a Skystone for Boom Fiend, but aside from their Dragon's Peak appearance their mechanic is used by Enfuego Chompies instead.
  • Boom Fiends share a striking resemblance to Trigger Happy, with the exception of his ears.
  • Flameslinger used to use them for target practice.
  • Their behavior is similar to Creepers from the game Minecraft.