This article is about the artifact from the mobile game. You may be looking for the book from the spin-off TV series.

The Book of Dark Magic is a Dark artifact in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Sealed in a vault for unknown time, it contains powerful world-shattering spells; and when it was discovered by Kaos before the events of the game, it reopened the Rifts all over Skylands, bringing various regions together into the Shattered Islands as well as parts of Planet Earth.


After the unstable spells opened the Rifts, Kaos attempted to use the book again to strike at the Skylanders while they had sparring matches, but in the confusion that ensued when the Earth Portal Master arrived, he lost it. Though he struck a deal with the Doom Raiders to retrieve it, they instead passed it between themselves to get its power for themselves, until it arrived in Luminous' hands. Disgused by its Dark elemental power, he desired to destroy it once he used its spells to eradicate darkness forever, but Kaos stole in from him, only to be stopped by the Skylanders. With the book in Master Eon's care, he could use its spells to undo the damage done to Skylands.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes
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